Earthquakes, Earthquakes, Earthquakes

Sri’s Prediction: Three major earthquakes will occur this year. Two in Spring and another one later this year (1977).

  • What is it with this woman and earthquakes?

    The National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC) has been recording every single earthquake in the country since 1977, so we may have a clear answer finally.

    Firstly, there were no earthquakes in the enitire world of any significance in 1977. All we have is a magnitude 7.5 on July 7 1976 (Tangshan, China) and a magnitude 8.0 on Sept. 19, 1985 (Michoacan, Mexico). [Source]

    Next, among all the quakes that occurred in the USA that had some historical value there was absolutely nothing of interest in 1977.

    There was a 3.5 quake (a baby!) on March 11, 1976 in Newport, Rhode Island. The next big or unusual quake that happened was on February 2, 1979 in Mt. St. Elias, Alaska, Magnitude 7.6.

    So there were no quakes in 1977 of any consequence at all. [Source]

    Here’s a neat graphic that describes where all the earthquakes were that caused any damage: [Source]

    Check out the Golden State. With a map like that, is it any wonder that Sri never gave up on the value of an earthquake prediction?

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  • She would probably claim that upstairs called a conclave and decided to intercede and avert the catastrophic disasters she foresaw. Of course her petition would be instrumental in the intercession decision…

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