1998: The First Gathering (page 1)

John/Menkar, Tom/Yevah Don, Tulsi

Richard / Belvain

To all that helped put together the gathering THANK YOU!! Your hard work was a great success.

To all that attended the gathering THANK YOU!! I really enjoyed seing all of you. (or meeting you)

I sincerely hope that we can have another get together sometime. As always, time seemed to fly by and I didn’t get to speak to everyone. I would really like to have spent more time with everybody. There seem to be so many things to talk about, both past and present.

It was good to see that most of us are well. I enjoyed learning where we have ended up. It sure would be nice to have some kind of story on where everyone has gone to. As I expressed to Brent, even if it ended up being “last seen heading to Alaska”. The undertaking would be immense and unfortunately would include hearsay.

To those that didn’t attend YOU MISSED OUT. There was alot to gain from attending. Yes, some people have bad feelings about their experience, but some people have good feelings about their experience. I guess you just have to take the good with the bad!!???

See you all soon, I hope.

Richard / Belvain

Tais, Dorie/Pathena, Sylvia/Vaa

Dorie / Pathena

It was a rather incredible event, in spite of the pouring California rain. (It never rains in California.. right? wrong…. it came down in buckets..)

We arrived at Lucy’s house a little after 11:00 to pick up her shoji screens, stereo, tray tables, and boxes of stuff to cart over to Meadowlark. As we were setting up, people started arriving -= like an hour and a half early! Of course at least one or two wanted to chat away while we were trying to set up and everything – The room looked great and good ol’Brent, the master of compulsive, masterful, organizing was hard at work finding trash cans just the right size, and generally fretting over a mulititude of details that the average person would not have even thought twice about. Thank God for Brent – where would we have thrown our napkins?????

Lucy had a million things to haul – bless her heart – and she was a nervous wreck – she had worked so hard to make things all come together – in addition to creating name tags in plastic holders for everyone with their name and morningland name on them. Plus she had been up till 12:30 am the night before!

We hauled the stuff over to Meadowlark under skies threatening rain, which Mother Nature later delivered by the buckets. Brent was there already – and working on setting things up for his show (the movies). I decided to set up the space for the meditation outside of the main room – there was a small foyer area that led out to a balcony, and I managed to set off a cozy space with L’s screens and a portable bar from Meadowlark. It worked out ok – the only problem was that it was on the way to the bathroom, so everyone who used them had to walk through. This was not really a problem, as once the meditation started, no one who wasn’t participating seemed to have to go to the bathroom anyway. :) (Nor did any of the participants, either.)

As the people started arriving, it was really neat to see the different reactions and recognitions. It never failed, that each person seemed to have enough people that they knew or remembered, to form yet another little strand or connection on the web we were weaving. No one was left out – everyone connected with someone. There were many people there that I didn’t know. But someone else always did. I enjoyed watching this linking happen. Also, many of them didn’t recognize me, of course – which was fun, too.

At the full moon, about 3:20, we gathered everyone in to a large circle. We had at least 40 people there by then. We all held hands. I could feel the charge of energy moving around that circle. I suggested we all make a sound together to unify our energy and we just did a hum…. mmmmmmmm….. a nice, soft, swirling that seemed to settle everyone’s nerves and create a space of connection or Oneness.

I welcomed everyone, thanked them for coming and for making the Gathering happen. In a very real way, each person had brought their own energy to the event – and I hoped that whatever spiritual, mental or physical healing that was needed would occur. I then introduced the 4 other people who had worked so hard to manifest this dream – Al, Joern, Lucy and Brent – and each one spoke briefly and heartfully and spontaneously. This was very nice.

It was pouring buckets by now and continued to do so all day and in to the night. Brent started the movies at 4:00. To do this, he had to pull out the wall sections and basically cut the room in half. I was a bit worried about this, but it worked out fine. Everyone who was there wanted to watch the movies (wasn’t sure they would,) and they were a wonderful entertainment as well as mildly cathartic experience. Brent is researching getting the tapes put on video and many people are interested in purchasing a copy for themselves.

Dinner was served at 6:00 and it was a very good meal, served banquet style. There was a sirloin roast, seafood fettuccini, and vegetarian lasagna. All were excellent as were the salads and veggies. The desert was still frozen when it was served, but that was ok too.

After dinner was the second movie showing, at 7:30, and then it was time for the meditation. I had lit the candles ahead of time and slowly folks started filtering in to the little cozy space. I think there was about 25 of them who ended up squeezing in with their chairs and some on the floor. (out of the 51 who showed up, a few had left already, so this represented the majority of the remaining group.) Understandably, there were several people just not interested in anything of that nature, which I fully expected and understood. Unfortunately however, a few who WERE got stuck in conversations with those who weren’t and missed it and were upset afterward.

I did an opening to the four directions, invoking the archangels by name and having the group vibrate the angel name 3 times in each direction. This seemed to work well in both helping them relax, setting a group focus of intent, and in letting the noisy ones in the other room know that we were doing something out there and to keep the noise down. (This may also have helped to keep the bathroom travelers from walking through our space as well.. :) Everyone quickly settled in to a meditative space – I had asked up front how many of them really didn’t do much of this kind of thing and I’d say about half. The meditation was geared to help them heal and retrieve their energy from the past and to return to a more complete state of energetic wholeness. Also – to sever any remaining energetic ties to ML. It seemed to hit the mark – everyone just hung around afterwards and talked, shared experiences, said some sweet things and in many ways relived the best part of our ML experience – the ability to share a sacred space with like-minded, spiritual people and to endeavor to move our energy to a higher place than it was by directing group intent. I know it went over an hour, but I have no idea of how long. And then it was time to clean up and get things moving toward the parking lot.

It all went so fast…People are already making noises about having another one. I had a really good feeling about the energy of the event – that healing DID and WILL take place on all levels for both the people there, and those who will feel the ripples of the effect of our meeting. It was SO great to just see and re-connect with those people with whom we had lost touch – and yet there seemed to be some magic working that went beyond simple reunion of old friends. Most of the time, I found myself watching and enjoying the swirling energy of a Spirit that had asked us to come together for healing – just Gather them – that was the request – and Spirit did the rest. Just as it told me it would.

In closing, I’d like to again thank all of those who were able to physically manifest their bodies at the event – (From as far away as Germany, Connecticut, New York and New Mexico,) and also all those who were with us in spirit. Healing was and is the Intent of all of this Gathering of our energy – both personally and as a group. As we sort our experiences through the filter of intent – I hope each person gained a gift from the reunion with other ex-Morningland souls – and I thank each person who offered the gift of their energy to create the event itself. We had laughter, tears and many, many hugs and kisses… the best of all of us seemed to want to shine…..

Appreciatively, with heartfelt thanks and love.


Keira and her chin.

Brent / Karas

As I sit here listening to this week’s “Hearts of Space” program (hos.com) of great Russian Choral pieces, it seems like the perfect time to write this note to you all.

I want to say first, what a wonderfully enriching experience it was to see you all yesterday. Fifty one beautiful, spiritual people in the same room together……..now there’s a vision!

Also for me, it was the culmination of over two months of loving service of helping to do all I could to contribute to make the Gathering space be all it deserved to be (if only Karma Yoga had been like this!). It was the pinnacle of all the leg work and running around, all the phone calls to help find some of you, and the planning and myriad logistics, etc., etc.

And it was the unknown again, that scary, elusive, overwhelming and strangely attractive place that challenges and renews.

I feel lucky and fortunate that I had all the time that I had to devote to this event, and I feel very honored that it went toward the coming together and connecting of all of you: my friends, my brothers and sisters, my spiritual soul partners, the cosmic beings I have come to know, and with whom I share this eternal and ever unpredictable journey we call life.

When we were in Morningland, we all shared, to a degree, a vision of ourselves: who we were and who we could be. To me it was a hugh, collective ball of energy and light, that pierced my being to the core. It told me I wasn’t just a single person, but I was a part of something much bigger. It told me that the worldly things I could touch and feel in my hands, in themselves, could never be the true substance of the pursuit of my creative efforts to become whole and understand my place in the universe. And it told me more.

And so, those of us who found out about, and wanted to come, made this happening to reconnect somehow to those that we shared our own vision and experiences with. We came from the local area and from as far away as Arizona, Colorado, the East coast, and even Germany! We drove and we flew to see ourselves and be with each other again, and made it into an experience that I, for one, will not forget for at least this lifetime!

And I had one hell of a time looking into your eyes and hugging your warm bodies, and seeing your beautiful, smiling faces with that recognition for the beings I once knew, long ago, and shared portions of that eight years of my life with.

And those films! Its one thing to look at these time slices alone, but with all of you there, wow, what an experience!

At one point during the “Felicita Park Concert” film, I just slipped back into my chair and felt near completely and totally fulfilled. Our beautiful faces and dancing bodies were a site to behold; and, an appreciation for who we really are and where we have come from, I think, was felt by all. And the amusing comments and brash words made it all the more the rousing experience it was (thank you, Dharma, and others!)

Not to mention the visually pleasing and great tasting food, the nice green surroundings, the large, beautifully windowed room, and “crisp” air-conditioning!

Not to forget the opening ceremony, where we all stood in a large circle holding hands as a very nice beginning. And for those who stayed for the evening meditation and discussion, with Steve Mercer’s enlightening comments on the current state of Morningland today, a great group experience was enjoyed as well.

So, for those of you who weren’t there, you really missed it! But don’t feel too bad, I can feel the winds a blowin’ for another Gathering sooner than you can say, “We are all one”. As a matter of fact, I think I heard the Meadowlark staff talking about a cancellation which would leave the banquet room available next Saturday night………….! ;-)

Until we meet again, I think I love you all, every single one of you!

Brent (Karas)

Organizers, from left to right: Brent/Karas, Lucy/Zemikin, Joern/Ra-Camah-Nesh, Dorie/Pathena, Al/Ishvara Das

Lucy/ Zemikin

Gathering Eve:

Al (Ishvara Das) and Joern (Ra-Camah-Nesh) arrived at my place around 7:00 pm, before Catherine (Kalon) did (she was stuck in some horrible L.A. traffic). She’d driven down from the Bay Area and would be staying with me. I was so excited at her arrival, we both actually let out an uncontrollable shriek of joy. I was soon to hear that same shriek many times the following evening when others met again for the first time in 15 – 20 years! We had a formal wine toast, all of us beaming at one another, to begin the evening of reacquaintance and merriment. During the course of the evening (some 5 hours), we ate dinner, laughed, cried, bonded and slipped back in time more than once. It was the perfect evening in preparation for the next day’s events. We were all primed to meet old friends, share love and help each other heal from our experiences.

The Gathering:

Catherine and I got up early so we could talk some more before beginning the day. But time seemed to get away from us. Dorie, Jim and Karen (Ravanna) arrived around 11:00 am. Many hugs and smiles later, they left, carrying away a good portion of my apt to be used at the event. They told us that Keira was flying in, at that moment, and had to be picked up at the airport. Yeah! I love surprises.

I was running late and didn’t get there til around 12:30 pm. By that time, there were already several people there. Brent was in his glory, smiling from ear to ear. It was time! We had made it to the big day! I said a hello to Dorie in the outer area where she was setting up for the meditation. Did a few quick hugs and introductions, then I began to set out what I’d brought on the Nostalgia (for lack of a better word) table. There were already a couple dozen “As It Is” magazines, some pictures and “Way To Oneness” books. I loved looking at the old shots of US. This table was a big hit. Such a trigger for remembering and bringing the past up close to confront and process. Oops, I was really getting sidetracked.

Before I go on, let me give you a final list of those able to make it:

Al (Ishvara Das)

Ann (Amala)

Ariel (Piyusa)


Brent (Karas)

Catherine (Kalon)

Cherie (Peace)

Colette (Sirisa)


Diane (Neesha)

Dorie (Pathena)

Gail Crossen (Jana)

Gary (Shan-A-Que)

Gina (Parama)

Jane (Mo-Nay-On)

Jim (Choran)

Jodie (Vasha Deva)

Joern (Ra-Camah-Nesh)

John (Menkar)

Josie (aka Joanne Zappia aka Prema-Kali)

Judy (Anahata)

June (Sivani)

Karen (Ravenna)

Keira (Liason)

Larry (Netron)

Lee (Aiyar Das)

Leslie (Tralamar) + Fiance: Wolfram

Lucy (Zemikin)

Lyndie (Dakini)

Mark (Patah) + wife: Hao Kan

Marty (Teneros)

Mary Sine (Yon Traya)

Michael Benson

Michael (Charak)

Promise + Partner

Richard (Belvain)

Robert (Keshon Ra)

Ronica (Thian-Amee)

Sandra (Ti Anaka)

Steve Mercer

Steve R (Mon-Ra-Sone)

Sue W. (Ananda)

Sylvia (Vaa)


Tom (Balmain)

Tom (Yevah Don)


Forgive me if I forgot someone.

Before I knew it, the doors opened and people started arriving. Some in clumps, some singly. All found someone they knew and immediately connected. Heard many shrieks of joy as I expected, including from myself. There was not a silent second for the rest of the evening. Everyone talked, there was no shyness or holding back. It was our time to be!!

Dorie called us together a little after 3:00; so many had already arrived. We got into a big circle, holding hands. Dorie on the east with Al, opposite myself , with Brent in the northern direction, opposite Joern. She told us this was the first time she’d spoken in nearly 20 years and it was a bit overwhelming. She spoke a while longer, welcoming us all, talking soothingly and strongly. Then, the four of us and the small parts we played were introduced individually. We each spoke on what we were thinking and feeling. I remember being very impressed with who we’d become since last we met with so many of us. Al spoke about how in not being able to deal with our Morningland experience, he’d notice the continuity in his life missing. Now it was back and his timeline was whole. I tried to express something I’d learned the previous evening: How the people and experience in Morningland brought out a very unique part of myself. One which I found no where else. I could be someone, express a specific personality, tap into this person with all of us that I couldn’t do with any other people or group. How that had been missing all these years and now I had it back. I also expressed my love for the group. Brent said he was honored to have played a small part in contacting everyone. Explained what it felt like to find and talk to so many people. (I’m sorry Joern, but I can’t remember specifically what you said – it was good, though). Then, Dorie directed us to make a unifying sound and some other things were said.

I tried to get to everyone I could, including some (originally from Escondido) who I’d never seen before. No matter, our experience bound us together. It was very easy to talk to anyone. And I found myself drifting and flowing in and out of conversations. I felt so good.

Then it was time to begin the films that Brent had. Talk about being vocal. We held back nothing. From soft sighs and murmurs to outright yelling at the people on the screen. Always we identified who we were seeing. It was important to call us by name. To remember us all, as though saying it out loud somehow invoked their presence to be with us. I can’t recall now exactly which films we saw, but I was struck by our beauty and joy; our sincerity and eagerness to become the best of ourselves.

At one point during watching the films, I felt an overlay of what it used to feel like being together in the Dome Room. It felt as though both were happening at the same time. Out of my peripheral vision, in the corners of the room, Patricia and a few other people skulked. When I quickly turned my head to see them more clearly, they vanished. This disappated after about 5 minutes. I can only relate it to the healing that was happening.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the rain. It was raining a LOT! I went outside several times to see if I could catch a glimpse of the moon. Too cloudy! But, the cover of wetness seemed soothing and cleansing to me nonetheless. It couldn’t be more perfect.

I was starving! And a good thing– it was time to eat. Promptly at 6:00 pm. Excellent and fresh dishes. All of us around tables eating, drinking and, yes, talking some more. We relaxed around the tables some more after dessert and all the plates were taken away.

More movies from Brent on the way. Personally, I was too keyed up to sit in the dark watching them, so I joined other small groups of like-feeling people. Spent some time talking to Dorie in the outer area. Josie was doing massage and Reiki on different people. Looked around at us a lot to see who was talking to whom and what I could observe from that. Wandered and wondered.

Around 9:00 (I think) we began the most important part of the evening for me: the Meditation/Retrieval/Healing Intent/Reason For Being There. Yes, I have a hard time actually putting a name to this. Some 23 people attended it. We sat in a circle on chairs, quite close to one another. I looked around the room at these people I loved and had shared such good and bad times with. This feeling was strong. I wanted desparately to have every ounce of energy I’d every invested into Morningland back. It was mine and I needed it to continue on my journey. The meditation began, I sat back and let it take me where it would. It was much easier than I thought it would be. The fear and concern was there in the background, as I knew it was with the others in the circle. We kept it at bay. At this point, I’m going to have to sum up the next hour or so. So much happened, I couldn’t possibly write it down. If anyone wants more detail, please feel free to contact me. Dorie began talking about the healing intent of the Gathering and explained what was going to happen in this meditation. The four directions were invoked and a safe place for us created. We went on a guided trip. We made sounds to unify us and I saw things. Got extremely high. Felt very good and powerful. At the end of this with most of us having closed eyes, Dorie went around the room and placed carnations in our open palms. It was very touching and made the experience complete. Sorry if that was too brief. But, like I said, it’s too much for one post. And, frankly, too much for mere words.

At the end of this, people began leaving amidst many hugs, kisses and promises to keep in touch. There was talk everywhere of Gathering II, although a date and place haven’t been confirmed at this point. During the evening, I tried to take as many pictures as I could. It was difficult. I kept forgetting about doing that. I also took about 5 minutes total of film on my camcorder. I think I got at least one shot of eveyone that was there. I know Al plans on taking our pictures and posting them on the website. So, if anyone has gotten them developed, contact him for the way to do that.

In summary, I’d say the event was a success. I’ve received a lot of kudos and thanks for the small part I played in bringing this together. Let ME thank you all for coming (and if you couldn’t, I’m sure you’ll agree you were there in spirit). It was so fulfilling and healing to see, talk and be with everyone. I’m only sorry I didn’t have a chance to talk to every single person for at least an hour (an impossibility, I know). I left the Gathering a more complete and stronger individual and I’m grateful to have known us all.


(aka Zemikin)

Catherine/Kalon, Ronica/Thian Amee, Leslie/Tralamar, Jodie/Vasha Deva

Catherine / Kalon

I just wanted to add my voice… thank you Lucy, Brent and Dorie for producing the Gathering. It was a tremendously powerful experience for me. Seeing all of you helped to create a sense of continuity in my life which had previously been lacking.

I’m thinking of all of you today… :)

In Loving Respect.

Catherine (Kalon)