2000: G2 Images and Stuff (page 3)

Al about to nod off at the piano. It was a hot and muggy day in Newport Beach, just right for going into a trance I guess.

Al/Ishvara Das

Well, let’s see.

I got there late, though I found out later that I didn’t get there late. Go figure.

Making music with Lee, Terry, Jim, Steve Mercer, and Bill was a little slice of heaven. Really enjoyed it. My time in the band was my highlight of my ML experience and I had to chuckle at the opportunity to once again play with the same people.

Divesei (now referred to simply as “DV”) has developed a southern Kansas accent. It was nice to see her. She’s as verbal and spontaneous as I remember.

Meeting Melody/Lepon was one of those moments in which two people just naturally “get” each other. Never knew her in ML, however it didn’t take but about 15 seconds to fall into a very comfortable groove with her.

Mrs. Steve/Mon-Ra-Sone is still gay.

Debby/Mila is still a hot tamale. Nice to meet her. Finally got a chance to meet with Terry face to face. Well, for the second time in my life, actually. First time was way back when. Good to finally have some interaction in realtime rather than cyberspace.

Something that really stood out to me was that when we decided to start cleaning up, everyone just took a job and did it. The Mason’s lodge must have been built around the same time as the Long Beach temple, everything was the same in the kitchen. It was really amazing to see this group of people just automatically know what needed to be done.There wasn’t even any leadership. We all just fell in and got the place cleaned up and organized in what, about 15 minutes?

Now, where do you suppose that we all learned how to do that?

All in all, it was a fun evening. Really enjoyed it. Good work, Lucy, et al!


Ray eating and Michael’s smoldering good looks.


It was truly as wonderful as you all have said to see and touch and interact in person with so many of the remarkable people who were Morningland. Great to hug old friends and new. Sooo nourishing!

Special thank yous to organizers (Lucy, Dorie, Steve, etc…), kudos for musical performers, gushes for Asha–what an experience to be “harped!” Penny… what can I say… you are a phenomenon! Rhoda! how wonderful to see you! Joffre, I owe you an appology. I stared at you silently for hours before I remembered you, but you are so much better looking that I didn’t recognize you! Terry, I am so glad you decided to come. You have been so wonderful to me since I found the list. I needed to hug you! You have a real talent for asking leading questions that have been helpful to many of us in opening up and sharing. All of you who played music–thank you–it was great! Thank you to all of you who reached out to my children. Neither is on line to thank you in person, but they had a wonderful time! It was great to see DV and detoxify my memories of wardrobe corrections. She’s not a brat anymore. That’s one of the great things about reconnecting. It unfreezes our memories, makes us real again. I am so happy for the reunion of the Tamietis! Al, thanks for the health check.

So, is it time to start planning G3? I’m in!

Still languishing in the warm pool of our loving intent!


Cathy drinking and Jim gesturing.


The gathering was MOVING, intriguing, entertaining (especially DV’s ongoing commentary and Judy and Ray’s disaster stories). Most of all for me the gathering returned another missing piece of the internal puzzle I’ve been putting together since we found each other a few short years ago. God, it feels so great to break the silence and reach out to each other.

Late that evening when driving back to Lucy’s pad I found myself feeling so grateful. Grateful for the experience, no matter how painful, that ML was and the opportunity it provided for me to meet each of you. We share a special intimacy that no one else really understands. It’s still real and palpable to me.

THANK YOU Lucy for all your hard work in putting the gathering together — from intent to the logistics. It was beautifully executed. The location and tone were perfect! Dorie, thanks for continuing to reach out and for your healing efforts.

I’m looking forward to the next gathering. I’ll be there with bells on.


A bunch of us, just sitting and catching up.

Steve Mercer

I have been touched by the number of posts, and the depth of sharing. This has clearly been an important time of healing for everyone who came. I wasn’t at ML during those years, so I cannot share from the same perspective, but I understand the pain of ostracism from the time I was excommunicated from a fundamentalist Christian church/cult. The specific circumstances were different, but there was a striking similarity in the way in which it manifested, as well as the horrific pain and sense of personal failure that followed. I am honored that you have accepted me as part of the group and allowed me to share in your healing; it has worked alchemically to help me with my own, especially since I can’t be with the people I was separated from. I can’t tell you how much it means to be accepted here. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

For me, perhaps the high point of the Gathering was being able to bring Marcus (Seroth) and enable him to connect with people he hadn’t seen in over 17 years. That was a very important part of his healing, and it was a thrill beyond words to be a part of it.

And Lucy, you worked a miracle, lady! Thanks to you, Dorie, and everyone else who made it happen!

In Love and Light,

-Steve M. (the “other” Steve)

Asha and Dorie getting to know each other’s shoulders.


Thanks to all of you who have the energy to write today – I don’t know how Penny did it since we were up most of the night talking and she got on a plane this morning to head back to Sac. You put me to shame, Pen – I gotta nap.

((((A thousand hugs)))) to all of the beautiful magic souls who gathered together in a dream yesterday, and danced, sang and talked away pain – loved and cared and helped to pull each other further along in their sacred journeys.

It is a honor to know each one of you. I am humbled by the powerful energy that moves so elegantly among us….



Gina and Jim