As we’ve tried to make it clear, we are not officially affiliated with the Morningland church in Long Beach, California. Obviously we are not their mouthpiece. Ex-morninglanders.com is simply a resource for former members to come together and share their experiences, to process it, and to use that understanding in their present lives.

Morningland was a very intense time for us all. This leaves most with very strong opinions regarding who Donato was, is, will be, etc… Unfortunately, it is difficult to create a space for all of us to come together and feel comfortable amongst those of very divergent beliefs in regards to our Morningland experience. It is however my most sincere hope that this can happen.

There are certainly those who are absolutely against Morningland and would like nothing more than to close its doors forever. And there are those in our cyber-circle who recognize the growth and love that was freely offered in the Morningland temples. I myself assume that the brighter the light, the deeper the shadow and recognize that nothing appears without its opposite. Morningland is all of the wonderful things you’ve heard, and it is all the terrible things that you’ve heard. What else is new? Everything is like that!

For those of you who continue to hold beam with Donato, you may feel like if you read the information housed at this web site you may jeopardize your Oneness.

Well, its entirely possible. You could read the things that we’ve all posted and your mind may be polluted. It may drive a wedge between you and the master. I understand this concern very well. I know how deeply I loved Morningland and all it represents for so long. I was sent away on sabbatical in 1981 and I maintained every aspect of my orders until 1997 when I started this website.

The point is this. I never had to deny the Master or alter my perceptions of what happened there. I never had to say that what happened was not real. All I did was directed the love I had for Donato inward toward the Donato within me. I decided that I could do it too, and do it better. I slew The Unicorn. I trusted myself.

Ultimately I allowed the whole Morningland way of thinking to crumble in on itself. I guess that was bound to happen eventually. How can a path toward spiritual liberation live in fear of its adherents being mangled by some dark force outside the temple? What kind of paranoiac paradigm is that? What good is a path that lives in fear of losing its way?

Go ahead and lose your way, drop your flashlight, let your eyes become accustomed to the darkness and you’ll find what I found… There are stars to point your way.

With eternal love for Morningland’s inner circles as well as the outer, I present to you Ex-morninglanders.com. My random act of kindness dedicated to the Peoples of Donato.


-Sunfleur, the artist formally known as Ishvara Das