Welcome to ex-morninglanders.com/archive,
oiling the hinges of
the door that swings both ways
since 1997.

At ex-morninglanders.com/archive
we think that this door
is a really good thing.

It liberates us from the
fears of dark forces,
loss of divine intelligence,
or whatever other scary story
was used to encourage our unquestioned obedience.

Come and learn from the
stories of others and
consider telling your own.

-Your humble but smart-alecky site-host, Sunfleur (Ishvara Das).


For all of you who have not yet heard, please be aware that the afore-mentioned humble but smart-alecky site-host, the artist formerly known as Ishvara Das (and more recently known as Al), has joined the ranks of the deceased. Al contracted a rare form of melanoma a couple of years ago. It initially went into remission for some time, but then came back early this year. Al passed away on May 25, 2013 at his home in Santa Monica. He remains in spirit with all of us who knew him, and his joy, humor and goodness continue to light the world.