Can your master be on the other side?

Question: Can your Master be on the other side and if so, how can you know if he is on the other side?

Donato: If you look hard enough, you’ll find me in your dreams.

Okay there are three items that I’d like to address in this teaching.

1) I’ve seen many examples of weird editing in Morningland publications in which Donato appears to never actually answer a question. I don’t understand how seeing Donato in your dreams can enable you to know that he is on the other side. I’ll write this off to inexperienced editors.

2) “The other side” is a term that needs better definition too. I’m assuming that Donato means having passed through the transition of death as opposed to Sri’s use of “the other side” in the same context as the opposing party in a legal matter (i.e. “the dark forces are the other side”).

So, how do you know if Donato has made it to the other side? By seeing him in your dreams? Seems like going to his funeral would pretty much cement this fact in my mind.

Moving on…

3) My main issue with this teaching is that it really isn’t teaching anything. There is no wisdom here, but perhaps how to nourish an attachment to someone. Do we really need to see Donato in our dreams?

Appearing at will in your dreams might help to prove that Donato is someone special, but that is only because proof is needed.

In Morningland, we spend a lot of time and energy maintaining a specific world view. If we were okay with the world as it is, we wouldn’t have to constantly seek proof of our reality.


  • The only comment I can make is, I don’t dream very often, that I can remember, and he has never appeared in my dreams. It would seem to me if he was appearing in someone’s dream, that’s what it is, a dream , a reflection of ones self taking the form of Dan. I don’t have a personal attachment to the man, but if all of a sudden he started appearing in my dreams out of the blue. I my take a closer look at why. :-)

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  • I look at all the views of these Forum discussions and wonder who is reading so often and yet never speaking. What is your fear? You can speak annonymously and freely – this is a public forum – What fear binds you?

    I often dream of Donato, Sri, and many ML gopis and disciples. I go in dreaming cycles – as do many ex-members and probably current members.

    There is a normal-ness to my ML dreams – I believe this is because it is a historic part of my energy and that there are aspects of my current energy with which I choose to retain a connection to those people and events that were so important to me.

    I do not perceive these dreaming events as any sort of divine visitation or external influence of any ascended, incarnate or discarnate being – it is much simpler than that – it is my own connection through my dreaming awareness (when I remember) to a very real aspect of my own experience that exists outside of time and can be accessed by me, either intentionally or surrendipitously, according to both my own intent, my ability, chance, and the ever-amazing mine field of possibility. Oneness is not a philosophy – you either get the connection or you don’t.

    Donato was quite the card – every single line ever quoted could very well have been a joke spoken in a moment of laughter and recorded as divine truth by someone (maybe even me) to be later turned into doctrine.

    These days Donato isn’t even mentioned at Morningland – or should I say, ‘The Monastery,’ unless he is designated as a woman – Sri Donato. That was his wife by the way – and her name was Patricia – not Donato. She is dead – and yes, I know that the politically correct statement is to say that she made her mahasamadhi and that is the hope and belief of those who believe. Her physical body is dead – and it is interred in a crypt in the temple. Her state of ascension is a matter of faith for true believers to believe.

    There was once a man named Daniel/Donato Sperato. He lived and breathed as a physical being on this planet. He founded Morningland. He died of a heart attack in November, 1976 and is buried in Escondido. If you are a current member, you may not know that. You may also not know that the Morningland leadership intended to exhume his body and move it to the Long Beach temple crypt, without the permission of his surviving son and while intentionally ignoring that son’s attempts to contact the temple after his mother’s death…

    Yes, so divine…

    Dream a little dream…

    “The Truth Shall Set You Free”
    …often repeated by Daniel/Donato Sperato – and not in jest…

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  • I agree Stars, it would be nice if all of these people who read the site talked too- just think how lively this board would be!

    haha, imagine someone following Daniel around with a notepad all day, writing everything he said down like it was gospel! Probably was Miss Patricia, as from what I’veheard, she was the one to make him into a “diety”

    That would make this almost nonsensical sentence make sense. “If you look hard enough, you can see me in your dreams…” That sounds like a jest to me.

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  • In fact Sri and Donato DID have “scribes”. Sri’s scribe was “Quota” who wrote up a series of really amazing articles that are posted in the main section of the website.

    But yeah, anything that came out of Sri was considered pretty much the Holy Father talking at ya. The Gopis were sometimes surrounded by very sincere note-takers too.

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  • Hi Sunflower,

    I was fortunite to be with Donato quite a bit. I also became a active member and spent much time at the temple. I have never heard the quote – If you look hard enough, you’ll find me in your dreams.

    That being said – I have found him in my dreams without looking at all – never mind looking hard enough. Thinking back on Donato, I honestly don’t believe that is one of his teachings.

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  • Oh Yeah – and to answer the Question: Can your Master be on the other side and if so, how can you know if he is on the other side?

    Of course – There are more masters on the other side than are on this side. If someone is a/was a master while being in physical form and he has passed – I’m sure he is on the other side. Unless you believe that all there is to a person is the physical body, and the person/master has not yet re-incarnated.

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