Definition of Time

According to Morningstaar in the December, 1977 edition of As It Is, Donato defined time as: When two people get together and make three.

Hmmm. Don’t quite know what to say about this one. I would expect time to be defined as something to do with motion, movement, or space.

“When two people get together and make three” would be a good definition for sex.


  • A good example of the ‘joke’. ‘Making Time’… Duh…. :)

    Oh, excuse me – no, no, no – the correct interpretation would be, something along the lines of, we enter into the stream of ‘time’ upon conception – prior to that, time has no meaning to the disincarnate energy. After it becomes conceptualized by two other people, as in created, then it comes into the flow of ‘time’ and ‘time’ only exists for the incarnate in this dimension.


    I like the joke better -

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  • Gosh Stars, I’m sitting here at home late one night, reading your words on time and I really like them!

    So, life doesn’t begin at conception… time does!

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  • Wouldn’t this make us time travelers?

    Living would be kind of be like going to the car races and then forgetting why you went..

    The same thought would come to mind , Why am I here ? This is so strange!…..

    No wonder I came out screaming when I was born..LOL

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