Introduction to the Dao of Donato

I never knew Donato nor did I have any direct interaction with him while he was alive. Had a few dreams that included him but I don’t know that I can say if it was really him or not. Who can?

Most who have made their presence known to hold Donato in very high esteem, specifically those who knew him. When the Morningland leadership is attacked, 99% of the time these attacks are leveled at Sri Patricia.

I myself question this a bit. Donato was married to Sri and while there are stories of how he could control her rants, there are others where he did nothing to question her visions, even those that are now considered textbook cult mentality fear manipulations such as the gopis’ threat of walking 10,000 years on the astral planes should they fail in their mission of bringing the Holy Father to planet earth. While this threat is nothing compared to the Quark Threat of 2029 (LONG story), memories of Donato continue to remain somewhat untarnished by Sri’s paranoid rants.

Donato was a nice guy. I got that. However there are lots of nice guys but precious few who are actually wise. What I want to do in this forum is examine Donato’s wisdom. I do not look up to him as the Avatar for the Aquarian age, but I’m willing to look at his teachings and when they hold water with their wisdom, I’m going to support them by pulling them out of the hippy-dippy 70′s jargon in which they were originally spoken.

Those who still hold fast to his teachings, especially those who came on-board after his passing may see this as what Sri called “perversion of the teachings”. I don’t even know how to address this issue it is so ridiculous. Donato’s teachings are already caught in time due to his reliance on culturally specific references that have fallen out of favor in common usage. Still, some of his quotes are reasonably workable from a self-development point of view and I want to celebrate that fact in this forum.

I also want to question those teachings that really don’t work for me of which there are quite a few. Of course, this is an open document, with comments allowed.

My own perspective is heavily influenced by Taoism (AKA Daoism) and Zen Buddhism and so much of my interpretations of his words will be using the yard sticks of these two spiritual paths as well as others to which I feel an affinity. Feel free to disagree all you want, but should your post become an insane rant, it will be removed. Try and think calmly and rationally, and we’ll all benefit from the footprints that Donato left behind.