Just Take the Ball and Run With It

“Just take the ball and run with it. Everything is all right, just go with it.”

I’m not sure that I agree with the feel-good 70′s approach to everything being alright. Sometimes, things are all wrong, but I do agree that doing what is right in front of you is the only thing that you can do.

People are often focused on things out of their hands and not enough on what is in their hands. Focusing on things that we can’t change can make anybody a little crazy.

Focusing on those things that we can change makes one feel empowered and in their own little way, contributing to righting a world or at least doing one’s own job in it.
I guess its a Virgo thing, I think we all have a job, and while that may not include saving souls or healing the world’s wounds, it most certainly can be applied to whatever it is that you do that makes you feel proud of a job well done.

In the book “Beyond Success and Failure”, authors Willard and Marguerite Beecher suggest that we live by what they call the “grazing principle”. A horse, they write, will get from one end of a field to the other inside of one day. But the horse never has to plan it, they just nuzzle at the clump of grass in front of them. By repeating this process, progress is made easily and without undo drama.

Perhaps Donato’s thoughts have already been further distilled by the marketing department of a shoe manufacturer when they say: Just Do It.

  • Totally out of context it makes no sense. You’d need the rest of the notes and/or discussion to have any idea of what he actually meant when he said this. Morningland has those notes – they (Patricia) took them from primarily me, when I was evicted. However, you are unlikely to ever find them and certainly not publically accessible – as none of the older Donato teachers are.

    This feels like a personal encouragement to me – encouraging someone to trust that they could really do whatever it was that was concerning them at the moment. This could have been said to a gopi before going out to do a Sunday Service (yes, they used to have those every week and they were open to the public – as was EVERY Morningland event…) or to any disciple at any time in the moment of indecision, fear, or insecurity.

    Sometimes you just gotta trust yourself and throw fear to the wind…

    You GO, Girl!


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