Never Confront a Liar

Never confront a liar, he’ll only lie more until he convinces you he is telling the truth.

This statement was followed up in the February 1978 edition of As It Is with a bit about how a liar has to build up a whole series of lies to support the initial lie when examined more closely. In this context, I have no problem with this teaching. There is some truth to what Donato has said about liars continually needing to support their lies with further stories to support the original inaccurate statement.

However, there is some question as to the statements of Donato and Sri in regards to many other things as well, which smack of “lies” to me.

When Donato mentioned that a liar will only lie more until he convinces you that he is telling the truth, I am reminded of the instructions we received in Morningland that favored the constant recognition that we were developing into the Diamond Telepathic Mind of Christ or Oneness or whatever the lofty spiritual goal d’jour was.

Visions, auras, thoughts from above, thoughts from others in the room; these were all taking place all the time, and continue to do so, however in Morningland we had to constantly take these very human experiences and use them as proof of the truth of Morningland, that we were developing and were generally pretty cool folks.

Since leaving Morningland and presumably losing everything that I gained in the arena of spiritual development, I have seen no change in my abilities to perceive extra-sensory stimuli or thoughts from others. These things have not changed at all. Sometimes I am more in tune with these things, sometimes I’m less in tune with them. The only difference between being in Morningland and now is that I don’t have to constantly point it out when something like this happens.

That was the lie. It was not Donato, it was not Sri. It was us! One who remains in Morningland would never know this.

All a liar will do is convince you that they’re not telling a lie. Over and over we had to “gosh” and “by golly” whenever something happened as if to somehow convince ourselves that this could only happen with the help of Donato. The liar continues to convince you that they’re telling the truth, even when we’re the liar.

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