Seeing It As It Is

Sri Patricia: SEEING: As It Is. That is prophecy; that is telepathy. If you see it as it drifts on down through the astral planes, and you’re not clear, you’re going to see it as you want to see it and you will sift out what you don’t like.

You call it just as it is. Something that sends you reeling still has to be reported just as it is. You can’t be a critic; you just relate the film as it is. It would be like describing a film to a blind person. Prophecy is to help those whose vision is clouded because they are not developed yet.

This is one of the more confounding positions of Sri as she attempted to teach us how to rant and rave just like she – all in the name of Vision.

On one hand, “As It Is” should be a rather simple concept to teach. There is stuff, phenomena, what is, but then Sri adds all these other words about information drifting in from the astral planes. Prophecy, telepathy, vision, the spiritual weight of these words crushed our little friend As It Is.

This is why I used to think that seeing it As It Is was to read between the lines of life to unravel some sort of mystery. However, now I understand that this is flirting with illusion. Seeing it As It Is requires no additional software but rather the uninstalling of the constant commentary provided by the conscious mind. In this context, the conscious mind can be defined as the mind that thinks in words.

There is a higher mind too, though I’m not so crazy about the word “higher”. Taoism actually likes the word “host” (along with the conscious mind, the “guest”). The host sees it As It Is, but there is no requirement for any visionary experience, just turn off the audio channel in your brain and what is left is What Is.

Animals are pretty well in tune with What Is. When you raise your hand with a rolled up newspaper, your dog doesn’t have to wrestle with thoughts regarding your intent. It knows. It is obvious. What Is is always the obvious. Nothing is hidden. When we’re sent off looking for what is hidden, we are taken away from What Is and we run headlong into What Isn’t, into fantasy, into illusion.

Those in my life whom I consider to be true masters all limit their vision to what is right in front of them. There is no attempt to unveil the hidden, rather there is an attempt to accept what is without any further processing.

When we go looking for God in visions, we miss the manifestation of God in the now. Just spend a few moments per day turning off the constant commentary in your head. Limit your awareness to what remains when you are silent in your mind. What is left in front of you is What Is.


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