We Take No Credit

We take no credit, We take no blame.

This is really one of the better teachings. It speaks of humility and detachment. However it also smacks of not taking responsibility for one’s actions.

Humility is the recognition that you’re nothing special. Spiritual teachers tend to exemplify this quality. It comes from accepting your own humanity, and the recognition that you’re not the center of the universe.

Post-Donato Morningland built its ranks firstly by telling us that we were special, that we were integral to saving the planet from certain doom, that we 120,000 lightbearers were more important to God than the remaining four billion on the planet. We spent the remainder of our time in Morningland working hard to maintain that emotional possession.

Take no credit nor blame versus taking responsibility for your actions is not an issue that I can easily rectify. I guess this comes down to how you want to live your life. There is the Yin style of accepting everything and allowing it all to pass while we just go with what happens, or the Yang style of accepting everything that happens and using that to direct circumstances toward your own aims.

I’ve found that taking responsibility for what happens in our lives is the first step in steering it toward what you want rather than what you get.

We own our lives.
We can take responsibility for our actions.
We can learn from our mistakes.

Humility arises from recognizing and learning from our mistakes. Humility isn’t necessarily the result of learning, but from recognizing that the learning never ends.

Take no credit and take no blame. Take responsibility for your every action.

How do you live both?


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