Diravon / Rhoda Pg. 3

I was in the rather large group of disciples who were all sent on sabbatical towards the end of 1983. I remember sitting in the first office/room on the left, coming in the Seventh St. door. I think I had been called out of the Zen room in the back, where a bunch of us were sitting, waiting. Chokru and someone else, either Celine or Janine Mali, were in there with us. I remember Chokru saying I needed to give her my medallion because I was being put on sabbatical for two years. I needed to change my thoughts about Sri over the next 2 years and write them a letter at the end of that time and ask to come back as an active disciple. At the time, I thought it was because I was afraid of Sri. From there, it is the same as everyone’s story. I wrote several times, none of which were acknowledged, except the following.

The only thing that was ever acknowledged was sometime over a year later when the City Council was voting on the issue of allowing/not allowing fortune tellers in certain areas of the city. I knew the city was voting on the issue because I worked for the Planning Dept and Zoning Administrator of the City of Long Beach. I had copied documents for ML and let them know about the discussion and vote going to be held on a certain City Council meeting night and Saravati telephoned me and invited me to come talk to her, but not to tell Reed. She asked me to tell her everything I knew about the City Council agenda and upcoming issue, which I did. Then she talked about Reed and I and how we were doing. She ended the meeting with a hug and said, “just hold beam” which we did for thirteen years until we found this list and started to get smarter, faster. ;-P))