Gyan / Sharon: Truth

by Sharon / Gopi Gyan Donato

The truth of the 1978 dismisal of the Gopis from Morningland is and should remain between those Gopis so released and the Holy Father who released them from their vows. The truth of Morningland dwells in the teachings of the Master Donato. Neither the Gopis’ dismisal nor the excommunication of any disciple diminishes the truth of those teachings and the good done in his name.

I left Morningland in October of 1983. It was my choice and my decision. It was made without regret and for reasons that remain between Sri Donato and myself. I say that I left without regret, yet, perhaps, that is not entirely correct. I regretted leaving the many disciples that I loved as the Master taught me to love. To this day, I still love those disciples and wish them all the great peace that is found in the warm hold of the Master’s love.

I have no doubt that the Master continues to love his own, in or out of the confines of the Temple. He is everywhere and so are his people! We are all emersed in his love! Our job is to discover him in all his many loving ways and to pass it on to others. There is no glory in this, nor power, nor prestige, just simple love and caring for fellow human beings.

We all owe a great deal to the Master, Morningland, and the Gopis who taught us! Love is rampant in the world and we are the recipients of that great outpouring. The question now lies with us: Will we wallow in the pain of separation and the hurt of our departure from Morningland, or will we take the gifts the Master has given us and live our lives as he has shown us?

I, for one, choose to love and to live as best I can as I was taught.


Sharon (formerly Gyan)

Pindar/Fred’s response to “Truth”.