Moonwolf / Rayne: Kurukshetra Diary Pg. 1

This letter is to all.

What you are about to read was written by Moonwolf (The Original, from Escondido) as his “Battle” story. It is unedited and unedited from as it was written in November of 1976.


The time has come to catch and transcribe some of the myriad of thoughts racing through my computer in these last and beginning days of our lives.

Saturday November 6, 1976.

As Lillith passes over my sun, the day starts out as such, but ends on an extraordinary note. Tais and I went to see the movie “The Passover Plot”. As we were watching the move, another keeps popping into my head. This movie took place 2000 years ago also. Many of the same things that happened 2000 years ago are happening now! This thought bothered my greatly. Questions like “how will this movie turn out?” and thoughts like “We won’t let Donato be persecuted and mocked this time”. There was still a lot of doubt and worry attached to these thoughts.

Sunday November 7, 1976

Morning came quickly and it was a super clear, warm and windy day. Tais and I were off for a drive to Palomar Mountain. Our travels that day took us from Pauma Valley to Julian, to Ramona. We hadn’t expected to go to the place where DONATO had come in, but something took us there. When we got there we both flashed on the vast amounts of pain DONATO had gone through when he came in. Again, a great feeling of protection for the master swept through me. They won’t do it again this time!!! A little while later, after cruising around Ramona, we stopped for Sunday brunch at Jack in the Box. As we drove back down the mountain into the big city, we both felt a great urge to visit the teepee. Neither of us had ever been there before, but instinctively knew it was a high place. As we walked up the path, it was like walking into the kingdom. We got noticeably higher each step we took, level by level. When we reached the summit and could see from Powey to Palomar, from San Pasqual to the Sea, we were speechless. It was so high! I had never experienced such a great sense of freedom. It was like being up stairs, looking into infinity! WOW!!! The possibility of a conscious mind thought was one in a million. My feelings were that of being ONE with the entire universe. We watched the birds in flight and listened to the cosmic OM. We could actually see the energy in the air. Suddenly a bird flew by, Tais said “Boy, he really knows where he’s going.” I said “Yeh, he’s going home!” We also discussed that afternoon our attachedment to the Gopies and how we would be able to accept it when Sri would be going out to do her evangelizing. We both ended our day of meditation by agreeing neither of us had ever felt such intense high energy in the ethers.

There was a strange and unexplainable feeling that evening when I got to the Temple. Something special, Sri did the healing service and Celta, Melickia, and Nasanta all sat in the chair. The strange thing that evening was that Sri, Celta, and Melickia were all kind of quiet. Nasanta, on the other hand was happier than I had ever seen her. As service went on and Sri got up to talk about the retreat for the married couples that had been that weekend, I heard her say what a special day this was. She told us that Donato has made his Maha-Samadhi.

My first thought was that DONATO has reached a new level. That was right on! I couldn’t seem to feel any excitement about this though. Sri went on to talk about the Gopis calling an ambulance and the paramedics. I couldn’t believe what was being said and would not accept the idea that the master had left us. After all, “they” said that He would be here with us for forty more years. Was this a mistake in the whole huge plot? They didn’t plan for this little number to happen, did they? This whole movie is a pack of lies and they’ll do anything to cover up and bluff us. Another string of thoughts going on in my head at the same time was – how could DONATO the beautiful, compassionate, understanding friends to all, leave us here with the wolves? Why is it that everyone I have ever loved has hurt me so deeply and now you’re doing the same thing DONATO? I don’t understand anything, I’m so confused now. What will happen to MORNINGLAND, to the plan? Is it all over, did we all blow it again???? Huge guilt trips, remorse, anger and virtually every emotion imaginable was running in my computer, as some of the married couples who had been on he retreat were talking about the weekend. I was Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally sick when I went home.