Moonwolf / Rayne: Kurukshetra Diary Pg. 3

Wednesday November 10, 1976

It was the night of the wake at McLeods. When I first got there and saw DONATO’S body, I said to myself “OK, the joke has gone far enough. Now get up DONATO!” Then as I looked a little closer I saw that all the pain in his face was gone and that all that was there was an empty shell. Yes, there was a peaceful look on his face. (After all – he died f’ing his brains out. Edit year 2000). All of the pressure and load he had carried for us was gone. (LOL!!!ROTFLOL!!!) As the evening went on, Sri and Gopis went up to the casket to receive fire and water. Sri and Melickia both bowed when they were finished, but Nasanta kissed the body. This confused me a little. Something else clicked at the time which was a telephone call I had gotten from her that day. She called and I didn’t know who she was and as she talked I felt like she was speaking on one thing, but really had another tape on her mind. Just before she hung up I asked her if that was all she wanted. There was a pause an she said “Yes. That was it.”. I almost called her back to ask what she REALLY wanted.

Thursday November 11, 1976

Today was the day of the funeral. When I got to the park, I felt really distant from everyone. There was not much ONENESS. When the Gopis got up to speak, there was much energy in what they were reading out of the book of Urantia. As they read, I was noticing how the people were coming over the hills and I flashed back to 2000 years ago. Then I clicked into the Gopis and their interest in the sky. When we got back to the temple I was far from hungry and went into the temple to escape the scattered vibrations all over. A few minutes after I went in, Sri, Celta and Melickia all came in and Sri was giving them fire and water in the solar plexus and that puzzled me a little. The next thing I noticed was that they were in a pyramid facing the alter and Sri was talking to something. I heard Sri say, he has no power, and Melickia and Celta joined in, then we all joined in on the chant. The chant changed to “DONATO the Christ”. Sri started called people up into what was now a circle. I felt an urgency to get up there and help, but at the same flash in time there was a great fright and I wanted Sri to call my name. Well at the same second, she did and I was in the circle. I could see the people in the circle flipping out and loosing it. That is when one of the Gopis would look into their eyes and chant even more intensely. The chant had to be changed quite frequently as the dark forces (yeh, right edit 2000) would make it sound like “you’re not of the Christ”. It was really a trip!!! At this point of time some of the Gopis were still outside the circle and Nasanta was over to one side. Sri then said in almost a scream “GET BEHIND THEE SATAN”. Nasanta turned around and had the wierdest eyes I had ever seen and said very innocently “Who,,,,Me?” And proceeded to walk out of the temple. I couldn’t understand at that point, but kept on chanting louder and louder. People all over began to pass out. It was so hot in the temple. We finally got some doors opened and Sri told us what was happening. How the dark forces were upon us and after our minds. Sri then began to cast out the demons (thought forms) which were all over the ashram. Next thing I knew, we were going to burn all of Nasanta’s things in her office. I went in and grabbed some things and brought them outside. At that point, a million doubts hit me and I was really scared. What in the fuck is happening to Sri and Morningland? Where is all the peace and love? I walked around to the back where there was mass confusion and came back in where I saw Sri casting people (even disciples) from the temple, calling them demons. I was flipping out at that point and had a flash of what Morningland had done for me and that it was worse out in the world and I had come this far and this is what I believed in. I would do anything for the “plan”. After all, what had I to lose? The battle went on and Sri explained that this was a mental battle and went around clearing thought forms. During the entire battle they really were after Celta’s mind and at one point she verbally was attacking Sri. And it was so easy to see how the dark forces worked. Putting thought forms in our heads and catching any old fears, jealousies, emotional tapes, that could bring us down into the battle zone. Another point of heavy demonization is when Sri noticed that Sherry was really possessed. We got her in the middle of the main circle and Aria tried helping her. Sri had just a few minutes before explained to Aria that she was being transformed and given much more healing power than she had previously had. She was still trying to help Sherry when Sri said to “Get away from her” and said “you’re a mockery of the master”. “He healed you the first time he met you, but you denied it over and over again.” Sherry started crawling all about and tried to get up. She kept falling and saying, “I can’t”. Then she said “What will happen if I get up?” Sri said “Do you hear what she’s saying? Do you know who that is?” Around then Sri said that Sherry would be our verification. When she could walk, we would know everything was right. (edit 2000 – for those who don’t know – Sherry suffered from advanced stages of MS)

What was going on in our beautiful Temple that day would probably been termed by psychologists as mass hysteria, and yet at one point we were notified that the police had been called on a kidnap call. In approximately 2 minutes, we were all organized and dispersed into the other side of the temple. As there were around 250 of us in the temple at that time. We all kept chanting in our minds and when the police arrived, Morningstar stalked to them for a couple of minutes and they said “Kind of quiet night, huh?” Morninnstar said “Yeh.” Then they asked a couple of questions and left. A note here should be in that during that whole week of intense loud chanting no one ever called nor did the police ever come around as they usually do. We were told around 6 PM that everything was all right, but to stick together as much as possible.

Friday November 12, 1976

Friday morning I got up early and went to the temple to see what was going on. Saravati and a few of us started to sing to help ourselves and other disciples up. Sri came in around noon meditation to explain what was going on. After than, Steve, Liz and I went all over San Diego trying to find the flame. (Edit 2000 – the flame was the car that Nasanta drove.) We came back to the temple around 5:30 PM and Sri was reading from the Book of Urantia. We left and went out to eat and got home around 11 PM and the phone rang. It was ParaDas. He said Malickia wanted to talk to me about the astrology table Desiree and I had been making. She asked a few questions and said to take it outside. Then she said, “Are you OK?” I said “I’m fine.” Then she said, “Why don’t you come to the temple” and I said “That’s OK, I’m alright. Then she said “Moonwolf – why don’t you come to the Temple?” I realized what I had just said and said “OK – I’ll be right there.” When I got there, I went into the temple and found out they were attacking Celta because a couple of disciples were given one of Celta’s blouses and these disciples were into black magic. To counter attack, Sri had them go get the blouse and we burned it at the temple chanting all the while. There were about 12 – 15 of us there.

A little while later Saravati came to the temple and she was not Saravati! She had been taken over and Sri realized that she had given some peace of Saravati’s clothing to Cathy and they were after Saravati’s mind now. Sri sat her in her healing chair in the middle of the circle and told her what was going on. Sri had the sweater and we burned that. While the ceremony was taking place, Sri apologized to Saravati two times. The first time Saravati gave her forgiveness, but didn’t mean it. The second time it was REALLY Saravati forgiving Sri. That night was my first glimpse of ceremony to combat their ceremony – the dark side.