Moonwolf / Rayne: Kurukshetra Diary Pg. 4

Saturday November 13, 1976

I got home around 2:30 and around 8:30 the phone rang and it was Saravati. “Get down here as fast as you can!” Not much fear by now and I went immediately. Everyone was being summoned to get to the Temple. It was something BIG this time. We fought siege after siege and most of us thought after the reading that we’d be physically at the Temple till Wednesday. Trips were organized to get K rations and off they went, chanting all through the mission. The Gopis were supposed to go to a presentation in San Marcos but realized at the time they needed to be at the Temple and another battalion went to do that duty. If we went anywhere, two or three went with us for protection. Steve and I were on guard duty most of the day. As my mind chanted the mantra, an occasional thought would seep through. Things like, “Life goes on”,” no-one out there realizes what is happening”,” they’re all in their little boxes or shells”.

Later in the day Sri said that it was OK for a few at a time to go and take care of things in the world and I was totally amazed and shocked at some of the ridiculous reasons people came up with so they could leave. “I’ve got tickets to a show”. “I have to feed my fish.” “I don’t remember if I locked my house.” It totally blew me out. Here we were fighting for our souls and yet we’re so caught into our materialism. We each had some list or another that tried to shake us into the plunge. Some were so subtle you really had to be on to catch them. One instance was when one disciple came to the temple with this antique smoking stand. I saw it and freaked, then I cut it as he explained DONATO had said he could bring it to the Temple as a gift, so I let IT in and put it in Sri’s office. I was in the Temple and heard some commotion in the reception room. Sri was battling with these hideous beasts that were in the smoking stand I had let in. It was removed and I ran a few guilt tapes but was aware of my initial thought and how we must follow them. One really hard test for me was when my rainbow bridge to MORNINGLAND came in Saturday night to see what was going on. She hadn’t been coming for a couple of months and hadn’t been to the battle Thursday. I briefly explained that she had to totally accept the plan and who DONATO was and be willing to flow and fight like hell. She said she couldn’t accept that and left. But for all of those who left, there were those brand new people who came in to fill the position. There were six or eight new disciples accepted at the battle that night. Another beautiful point of reference concerning compassion is when Ruben came to the Temple and Vicki stayed home for she was afraid we had all gone flippo! Four or five Yan and a couple of Yin went to fetch her to the Temple. They got there, and she wouldn’t move from her fortress. They called the Temple and Melickia talked and soothed her in the most beautiful, graceful way I had ever seen. She talked with her for at least ten minutes and the next thing you know, in came Vicki. Well, it looked like Vicki! It took a long time and much work from all the disciples, but she finally came out of her stupor.

There was a break from battle and we had the most beautiful Love Feast ever. It was unexplainable what it was like. Back to chanting and after awhile Sri says there is no fear in the room. We are all ONE with DONATO. Everyone is jumping up and down and we started chanting again. There was a complete Oneness beaming from one center to the next and when there would be telephone communication, Crestline would say like everything’s OK right now but 15 minutes ago it was heavy and we would have just gone through the same thing. We were really hooked up into telepathy. The chanting continued and then there was a short break. As I looked around there was a real battlefield air around the Temple. It was like there were wounded and hurt bodies everywhere, children crying, medics helping the wounded. The odors that reeked from the ethers were grotesque. A few minutes later, Sri had a chart and gave us a reading of what we were fighting for, Our Ascension, The City of God. A few minutes after that Sri announced that we had a breakthrough to upstairs and now Monelio and his army could assist and help battle. Then we went into heavy fighting and around 11:30 Sri explained we had just conquered disease and said we were going through the seven seals referred to in the Bible. Also says that was is ahead of us.

The chanting resumed and got intense as did the smells in the air. We were marching through rivers of blood and climbing over mountains of armory and walking through all the corpses and limbs that people had lost. We were smashing this monster once and for all. The chanting at times got so fast it’s almost impossible to imagine. Throughout the ordeal were weak ones and there were the strong who kept pulling and dragging them on. We were all going home, not just some of us. Toward the end of this seal we had to smash and smash and smash ’till finally we had broken down the door which was immense in size and thickness. This was a heavy battle and many were wounded or weak so Sri asked many to go into the other rooms to rest and told them that it was OK. We needed all the strength we could for the next battle.

Melickia was at one healing chair and Sri was at the other and as we chanted the two did healings to all who were in the circles so we could be clear completely free of ego, and many were wounded ethereally. Healings went on for quite awhile and many were asked to go and rest. The intensity grew each time we came to a seal and we knew it in our higher minds and also we watched Sri constantly to see what was happening. When she was sitting down everything was usually OK, but when she got up and started going with her hands in the air, you should have heard us then. We were so loud and we went so fast it was like listening to a 33rpm record on a 78 rpm setting. I mean fast and hard. It got so hot for awhile I almost passed out., It seemed as though it had been lifetimes since we had begun the battle. I was keeping my voice, how I don’t know. I kept wishing Sri would pick up the bell and each time it would get more intense. I would try to catch someone’s eye contact so we could work together. Every now and then I would catch Desiree who was going like a hurricane or out of control robot. She went so fast and so loud and so long, it was amazing. As I’m running all these tapes and growing weaker by the second, there was a huge blast. I thought we had taken off from the planet earth. I could have changed for days after that. I knew we had to win, no matter how long it took. A few minutes later, (It could have been days for all I knew), Sri turned to the pyramid and we all did the same. We were still chanting madly. All of a sudden I thought to myself, well, THIS IS IT, we’re all going home. After Sri range the bell, she said something like ‘WELCOME TO THE KINGDOM, WE ARE ALL ONE WITH OUR MASTER DONATO THE CHRIST AND WE ARE ALL ONE WITH THE HOLY FATHER”. I stood there with chills running up and down my spine, just waiting to drop the shell.