Moonwolf / Rayne: Kurukshetra Diary Pg. 5

Sunday November 14, 1976

Then Sri said something like, “Would you like to go see our first sunrise on our plant? DONATO has given us this planet, now it’s up to us to reach and help all our screaming brothers and sisters.” We all started wandering out the back in our bare feet and blankets to check out our new world. It was really cold out and cloudy. When we stopped to watch the sunrise, Sri asked Quota and Saravati to sing Silver Spaceship. At that point most of us could hardly talk, never-the-less sing, but we did sing it and watched the molten gold pour through the skyline. funny thing about that morning, the sun rose in the South and a bunch of disciples along with Melickia and Sri took off up the mountain to find it. We found out later that those weren’t clouds in the air, it was the astral planes burning up. Over the news the next day, scientists couldn’t understand the huge radiation clouds in the atmosphere and why it wasn’t harmful. We knew though!

After sleeping for quite awhile, at least six hours, I woke to a really cloudy and weird looking day. The sky looked as if there had been a huge fire. I felt kind of in a fog. I went to the Temple for Sunday Services and everyone was in such Oneness. No-one could talk but we made an effort as there was going to be a TV show filmed at the Temple that night. Our beautiful Temple that had doubled as a battlefield was once again quite peaceful and clean. someone had told me to call in DONATO and feel how high my kundalini was. I was so hot I was amazed. Then a few minutes later, our cosmic friend Sri came up to me and took my hands and said, “Call in the Master. Go up.” I felt a super rush and high. When I opened my eyes and looked into two of the most beautiful, compassionate, strong eyes I felt taller an really light and buoyant. Sri then said, “Feel your kundalini” and I felt like it was around a foot above my head.

Sri said we had to gather all that were in the battle so she could break them through the thin membrane so they could be born. I felt so fresh and new it is unexplainable. The minstrels began to sing a song. We all sang as best we could and were laughing and bubbling all over. They did some filming and Sri gave some very special projections on how wars would begin to cease, how disease would start falling away and many more. It was exciting. After service Sri continued to bring people through the final membrane. I felt at one point I should stay close to Sri and went over where she was standing. something was happening and we all started gathering around Sri to protect her as she was going through this transition. We all chanted mentally and when she was better and we all left, I reflected on what strength and endurance and what excruciating pain and shit Sri had helped take us through and I felt a real feeling of NAMASTE’ SRI PATRICIA AND OUR BELOVED MASTER DONATO THE CHRIST.

Monday November 15, 1976

Monday morning I went to the Temple and found out that the Gopis were under heavy attack. A few people had gone over to Sri’s to see if they could help and were sent away. One of these people was Gay-O-Numa. The string of events that happened after this is a good example of what fear can do. I was working in the bookkeeping office, Dona, Van-Lox, and Persia were in the astrology workroom where they were in the now doing charts. I was in and out of the Temple and people were mentally chanting to help the Gopis all through the Temple. Around ten minutes later, I walked in the Temple and on the door was a note. I don’t remember the words but the message was “FEAR”. I walked in the Temple and there was a circle forming and the healing chair and Sri’s chair was in the middle of the Temple with DONATO’S pictures and Sri’s picture and glasses on her chair. There was a feeling of great fear in the Temple at that point. I went into the reception room and the receptionist was calling people to tell them to chant for the Gopis. I explained to her that all she was doing was causing much fear in the disciples and she agreed to stop phoning. I then asked what was going on and if a Gopi had said to do what was going on in the Temple. She aid no. We both went in and explained what a feeling of fear was in the Temple and that there was plenty to do to stay in the Now like keeping the Boutique open and everything as normal, and usual as possible. The circle broke and everybody got back to work.

A little later, Steve and a few other disciples were in the reception room when Ti-Ova called and said she needed help with Gay-O-Numa. four of us went to get him and bring him to the Temple. He was in an epileptic state, he was being attached so heavily. But his mind was still with us and he’d tell us when an attack was coming on. He would try to chant but his face was going in so many muscle spasms he couldn’t. One other thing was that it took two men to each limb to hold him down because of the adrenaline strength he had. Seeing what was going on in Gay-O-Numa, Candy and Mataji were flipping out and we helped calm them. Next think I knew we were getting a crew together, to bring all of Nasanta’s stuff to Valley Center to burn it. We had two or three trucks full of stuff and took it to Valley Center and dumped it. It was nice to get rid of all of it finally.