Now: Why I left Morningland

by “Now”

Good day to all that preside here…………

I, myself left ML because I was told that ML was a farce, that Melickia and
Mahanta had fallen in love and they could not be together and be in
ML… Soooo, we took over the Escondido temple and started calling anyone and
every one to tell them simply that ML was a farce…. I remember that day
like no other,It was a very intense day……

I especially remember pleading with Tiova telling her that “it was the
truth”….. It made perfect sense to me……
Melickia had been falling in love with Mahanta for quite some time…
Remember she broke her collar bone??????? I lived with Melickia and woke up in
the middle of the night to Mahanta holding her and my very young but aware
mind told me it was way more than him holding her….

There were a lot of angry people at the temple, one guy threw a chair
through the wall…. Sri had gathered on her side as many people as she could
manipulate and told them it was a test of the dark forces and those of us
that were leaving had failed, which of coarse made Sri’s crew feel like they
were superior and walking in the light of the day!!!!!!!!!
Leaving us to those dreaded dark forces doomed to float in the earths
atmosphere as atoms for eternity, such bullshit indeed.

Hey? do you all feel like Atom’s??????? Floating, I think not!!!!! Anyway, It
was really the relief I needed and dreamed about for a very long time ….

It took those words to convince me “Morningland was a farce” and “we can’t be
together and be in Morningland.”… the words of Melickia and

To me it is “MOURNINGLAND” I am in mourning for my childhood, the teenage
years that I never had, you know what, I still have a hard time connecting
with people, but one thing is for sure, it is getting better every

So, you see it was a long and treacherous road and I too am grateful to have
not blown my brains out along the way, because for me it was a very
demanding, lonely, stressful time in my life…… Never knowing when
Melickia would go off because it was my job to take care of those kids, she
was toooooo busy being a Gopi and besides “it was all for the plan.”…… It
was my job… Yet,I was just a kid myself……..

IT was a blessing that Morningland desolved when it did for me, I don’t think
I could have taken anymore pressure from that whole scene….Long Live

OK, so a little bit of anger came out, that is a start for me to let it go
and give it to the Great Spirit ,creator of all life,I do believe it was
right where I was supposed to be.

I am a very different kind of person because of this experience, my friend
calls me, Karmic Kerri????? Go figure……

peace and love be with you……

KerriLou Toepfer ( Now )