Advancements in Medicine and Science

Sri’s Prediction: There will be amazing changes and discoveries in medicine and science with new research and new things being done. It will be publicly announced between September and October (1977).

  • Here’s something that’s kind of cool. This breakthrough gave rise to the discovery of a plastic that can conduct electricity. Not sure how much of the public imagination that this really captured, never heard of this until now.

    In 1977, Shirakawa, Heeger, MacDiarmid and others published the results of their research and described their discoveries in the Journal of the Chemical Society, “Chemical Communications.” As would be expected, this discovery was considered a major breakthrough in the field of polymer science. And in fact, the significance of this discovery was to be internationally recognized, some twenty-three years later, by conferring upon Professors Shirakawa, MacDiarmid and Heeger one of the highest honors of our time, the Nobel Prize.

    Let’s see if there were any other important breakthroughs in 1978…

    According to the Forbes magazine’s 85 Inventions that changed the world in the past 85 years, the year of 1978 features the following:

    1977: Merril Lynch launches the first all-in-one financial account.

    1977: Micael Milken oversees the first high-yield bond issue,raising $30 million for Texas International

    1979: Daniel Bricklin and Bob Franston create VisiCalc to let accountants record and manipulate financial data electronically.

    Although these three items all feature technological breakthroughs for financial services, the vast majority of the 85 breakthroughs really do favor science and technology.


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  • Too vague – could be anything – or nothing… did you find anything earth-shattering in the medicinal discovery department for that fall?

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  • Well, most historical records don’t get into months or seasons in which discoveries are made. Generally they’ll record a year, but not too much more than that, unless its like the first successful use of a phone or some other milestone like that.

    I have yet to find anything significant for 1977 in the world of medical discoveries.

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