King Tut Inpsires American Aesthetic

Sri’s Prediction: The King Tut exhibit will stimulate the American public to get out of its early American furniture. Isn’t it interesting that we have to go back to the tombs to revive such beautiful work and to see it? The consciousness of the United States is not yet at a level where it could create such beauty, but many people will be inspired by it. As a result, we will see King Tut fashions and decor.

  • This is not an easy prediction to confirm or disprove. It isn’t very clear as to how one could search on-line for information to work with this issue.

    I think that we would all agree that with the exception of a comic on Saturday Night Live during the 70′s (Steve Martin) there wasn’t a whole lot of bleed through from the King Tut exhibition and the American aesthetic. Oh, there’s a casino in Las Vegas called “Luxor” that may be considered inspired by the Tut aesthetic.

    There is no mention of American’s obsession with “early American” styles, rather it discusses the changes in our furniture based on new materials and designs. No mention of King Tut here either.

    Here’s a page that links American trends with King Tut.

    Problem is, this article describes the changes that took place in the 20′s, not the 70′s.

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