Lord God Elvis

Sri’s Prediction: The worship of the Lord God Elvis will begin to subside by April. May the gods and the false idols rest in peace once and for all. By then, Elvis himself should be more at peace; how can he die when there are millions of people possessing him from this side?

  • In a sense, Sri was absolutely correct in describing the The King of Rock and Roll as “Lord God Elvis”. There is an unhealthy fascination with this man who became an American icon. Come back in 2,000 years and we may all be praying to him.

    Still, predicting the end of worship for Elvis couldn’t have been more wrong. In the year 2000 alone, Elvis, the hardest working guy in the graveyard, pulled down $35 million in his name.

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  • At least the prediction that Elvis would be more at peace was accurate. Didn’t you just report that he died that year?

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  • Elvis died in August of 1977. This prediction was made in the beginning of 1978, so he was already dead.

    Forbes magazine has posted an article listing the ten top-earning dead folks.

    Lord God Elvis topped the list once again with earnings of 49 million dollars (presumably for the last fiscal year of 2006).


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