Movie about UFOs and 1982 Quake

Sri’s Prediction: In 1979 a story of survival of the great quake of 1982 in California will be published. It will be made into a film and will show how our visitors from space are helping with such a crisis. It will be one of the most controversial films ever to be produced, rocking both the cinema and the mass consciousness. You think there was picketing for Jesus Christ Superstar and Mohammed. You haven’t seen anything yet. This will be one of the greatest films ever made, so come on, Spielberg, you’re the only one who can do it. If he gets this together, it will surpass both Jaws and Close Encounters.

  • Searching for “1979 movie release earthquake” at google, I can’t find anything but a movie called “Meteor” that comes close to “space” and “earthquakes”.

    I’ll search for “earthquake + UFO + 1982″. Nothing. Same thing for using 1979 instead. Nope. Nothing.

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  • Here’s the ‘upstairs/visitors’ intercession theme again….

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  • I think it says a story will be published in 1979, not that the movie was then. Of course, I still don’t recall a controversial earthquake movie after that.

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