No More UFO Films Until Betty Hill’s Story

Sri’s Prediction: Science Fiction will run a rampage of B,C,D, and F films because they will be takeoffs of “Star Wars” and “Close Encounters.” In 1979, a good, but not excellent, UFO film will be released. There will not be another excellent UFO film until Betty Hill can sell her book Interrupted Journey, which relates the story of Betty and her husband when they were taken aboard a visitor’s craft back in the early 60′s. She will appear on television and articles about her experiences will circulate in magazines. The film will be excellent if it is done according to the book.

  • Here’s a page about a documentary which looks like it only aired on tv in 1979 which actually lists Betty Hill as one of the interviewees: [Source]

    Here’s a movie that was released in 1979 on UFOs: [Source]
    Never heard of it myself.

    For Sri to predict more movies on UFOs in the wake of Star Wars and Close Encounters wasn’t rocket science. There’s a reason for the saying “Imitation is the sincerist form of Hollywood.”

    As for Betty Hill’s story being released as a movie, it did happen, but three years before this prediction was made.

    Here are some obituaries talking about her life when she passed away in 2004. Her book was published in 1966 while a television movie based on her experience was produced in 1975 (called “The UFO Incident). [link] [link] [link]

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  • I think another movie went over the Betty Hill story, maybe it was in “Intruders” in 1995?

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