Political Satire Book About Political Messiah

Sri’s Prediction: There’s a good political book that is in the process of being written. It will be a take-off of Jerry Brown when he becomes president, although it will not say that in the book. It will be the story of the three year reign of a political messiah out to break the caste system within the United States.

  • I’m not sure if Patricia is predicting a book about a Jerry Brown-like politician or predicting a book about Jerry Brown AND a prediction that Jerry Brown will become president. I’m thinking that she’s only predicting the book. So, let’s start there.

    This is actually a difficult prediction to confirm as there is no specific time period.

    Here’s a page that lists a number of political novels, none of which make any mention of Jerry Brown.

    I did a larger search for “Jerry Brown + novel” and didn’t find any book about him. Admitidly, Sri did not say that the book was obviously about Mr. Brown, but I figure that if this book was to make any waves at all, it wouldn’t take long for reviewers to get this point. Take for instance “Primary Colors”. Everybody got that this was about Bill Clinton.

    Another Google search for:
    “political messiah” “caste system”
    yielded only two pages. The first page is more about Jesus’ influence in Asia while the second page is about the history of the Phillipines.

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