Punk Rock and Riot in December

Sri’s Prediction: The Sex Pistols are just the beginning of a whole new trend toward low vibrational musical groups. Four other groups will be quite popular until a violent riot in December. Music groups of a higher vibration are forming, and will come forth in late 1979 and 1980.

  • No riots located occuring in December of 1978 stemming from rock concerts or otherwise.

    As for music from a lower or higher vibration, this was one of the first indoctrinations that I had into Sri brand judgment.

    The very first class I took in Morningland was called “Color, Sound, and the Tarot” in which we basically listened to music and chose the tarot card that best summed up the content or sound of the song.

    It was then that I heard that Santana’s music was “lower” than say Crosby Still Nash and Young. This was strange to me as I had always considered Carlos Santana to be among the more spiritually bent musicians of the day.

    Sri’s judgment was less about Carlos and more about the “lower chakras” being activated by the rhythms of Santana. I suppose in that way, this music was “lower”, but I’m not sure that this takes anything away from how high it can soar.

    Punk music is loud and angry. This is commonly something that adolescent teens gravitate toward. They too are loud and angry. Is that “lower” or simply a response to their internal changes?

    I think that its a phase that kids grow through. I listened to Queen, myself. Their first three albums that were really loud. It appealed to me at the time. It was a phase.

    Philosophically, I just don’t like the judgment of “lower” in regards to music. I’m sure that if Beethoven were alive today, he’d be totally grooving with rock music.

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