The Predictions of Patricia 1977/1978

One of the traditions in Morningland was the annual predictions or prophecies. Sri Patricia (later repackaged as Sri Donato) was marketed as a visionary who could see into the future with uncanny accuracy. She herself described her accuracy as “1,000% correct” which was “100% correct, but with 10 times the magnification.”

Many of her predictions really can’t be verified either way. These predictions include statements such as “There is good news on the spiritual levels. People on the spiritual path will have much more inner peace and will have less war within themselves. Their health will be much better too.

Or “Always following a leap year there is an incredible year. This will be a fast-moving year; one of great chaos. A wild, mad, reversal year in everything, including politics. There will be great confusion — deep unrest.” How can you verify that with websites that describe history? One really can’t.

Still, as I looked through Sri’s annual predictions for 1977 a few items stuck out as actually being something that we could research and come up with some historic facts to shed some light on to the accuracy of her predictions.

What this forum includes are these predictions. As you read through them, you might consider doing some research on-line to see if any of these items can be verified. If you find something that supports her predictions or something that doesn’t, consider posting the URL (web address) beneath the prediction so we can see for ourselves.

All predictions (at the time of this edit, February, 2005) come from one of two editions of … as it is magazine Copyright 1977 and 1978, Morningland Publications. Specifically, what was used was volume 2 – number 11 “Special New Year’s Issue” published January 1978, and volume 3 – number 3 “Special Taurus Issue” May 1978.

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