TV Sales Down, Kung Fu Quality Down

Sri’s Prediction: On television violence will be up 23%. If you haven’t watched T.V. in the last three years, you’ve broken the programming. The sale of T.V. sets will decline both in ’78 and ’79. Three new programs will be aired in the autumn of this year. The public will love them, but the networks won’t. For example, the public loved “Kung Fu” several years ago, but the network didn’t. It was revamped and the message diluted. In 1978, the revamping will continue to go up and the message will continue to go down.

  • Television violence has been monitored by a few different organizations. I wasn’t able to confirm the specific change in TV violence for 1978 specifically, though I’m sure its out there.

    In the meantime, he’s an article that describes the issue of television violence from The Rifleman and Untouchables through the early 90′s.


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  • I doubt the sale of TV sets has declined in any two years in history…

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