Women Love Carlos Casteneda, Men Don’t

Sri’s Prediction: Carlos Casteneda is back with another best seller, The Second Ring of Power. More women than men will buy the book. Men may start the book, but they’ll have a difficult time finishing it.

  • This prediction is a little bit difficult to verify either way, but at Amazon.com there are a number of reviews that describe this book.

    Looking at the positive and negative reviews, I find the following data:

    Reviews written by women: 3 positive – 0 negative
    Reviews written by men: 0 positive – 1 negative
    Reviews written by unknown gender: 5 positive – 2 negative – 2 ambiguous

    Based on this, I would say that there is a trend among women to prefer this book, however in the majority of reviews, no gender could be determined.

    Something else that I found cast some light on to Sri’s thinking on this particular subject. This is a book that goes into depth into the works of the brujas, the female sorcerors, so naturally it may be prefered by women. In particular, this review says:

    Second Ring of Power is a compelling novel about the special shamanic powers of women. Centered around the female disciples of Don Juan, these women ensnare, terrify and eventually mentor the sincere yet bumbling Castenada. As he re-enters the phantasmagoric and treacherous Mexican night with his new female masters, he discovers a whole new realm of mystery and fascination. A must read for feminist Castenada fans.

    I suspect that Sri was barking up the same tree on this one.

    So, are Sri’s visionary powers at play in this prediction? Or is she simply an avid reader with the ability to connect some really obvious cultural dots? I’m thinking that she’s connecting dots, personally.

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  • She was an avid reader, and very good at connecting the dots…

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