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The Predictions of Patricia 1977/1978

6th July 2010 | 0 Comments

One of the traditions in Morningland was the annual predictions or prophecies. Sri Patricia (later repackaged as Sri Donato) was marketed as a visionary who could see into the future with uncanny accuracy. She herself described her accuracy as “1,000% correct” which was “100% correct, but with 10 times the magnification.” Many of her predictions [...]

Introduction to the Dao of Donato

6th July 2010 | Closed

I never knew Donato nor did I have any direct interaction with him while he was alive. Had a few dreams that included him but I don’t know that I can say if it was really him or not. Who can? Most who have made their presence known to hold Donato in very high [...]

Dear Abbey Article Rings Morningland Bells

1st July 2010 | Closed

This is a Dear Abbey column that appeared in newspapers in Late July, 2001. Dear Abby: Last year, our family went through the most traumatic experience of our lives: We left the church we’d been attending for more than a decade. I always suspected our church was a little “unusual,” but because I saw what [...]

Dectective Interview of the Sperato’s Past

1st July 2010 | Closed

Compiled by Colete Blackburn (Sirisa) Personal information that could effect the innocent has been removed, such as last names. The following is from a report by a private detective that I hired in 1996 to look into the background of the founders of Morningland. People have asked me why I did this. Frankly I don’t [...]

Book Review: Take Back Your Life: Recovering from Cults and Abusive Relationships

1st July 2010 | Closed

Written by Janja Lalich, Ph.D., Madeleine Tobias Published by Bay Tree Publishing, Berkeley, CA, 2006. ISBN-10: 0-978-0-97200021-5-8; ISBN-13: 978-9720021-5-8. Paperback, 372 pages, $19.50. Courtesy of the International Cultic Studies Association Reviewed by Doni Whitsett, Ph.D.

Totalism & Group Dynamics

1st July 2010 | Closed

Forward from editor The information found on this page was discovered at another website. After reading it once, I thought that some of it applied to Morningland and so I chose to include it here at There were also a lot of assumptions regarding Chinese culture and psychological research of the 60′s and [...]

Can your master be on the other side?

28th June 2010 | 6 Comments

Question: Can your Master be on the other side and if so, how can you know if he is on the other side? Donato: If you look hard enough, you’ll find me in your dreams. Okay there are three items that I’d like to address in this teaching. 1) I’ve seen many examples of weird [...]

Seeing It As It Is

27th June 2010 | 0 Comments

Sri Patricia: SEEING: As It Is. That is prophecy; that is telepathy. If you see it as it drifts on down through the astral planes, and you’re not clear, you’re going to see it as you want to see it and you will sift out what you don’t like. You call it just as it [...]

Don’t Be Upset About Not Seeing Something

26th June 2010 | 1 Comment

DON’T BE UPSET ABOUT NOT SEEING SOMETHING — JUST WATCH THE THOUGHTS BECAUSE THE THOUGHTS WILL TELL YOU EVERYTHING. YOU DON’T HAVE TO SEE ANYTHING — IT’S ALL THOUGHTS. This quote comes from the June 1978 edition of As It Is. In this edition, Gopi Morningstaar shares some of Donato’s thoughts on the mind. Or [...]

All Good Things Never Come to a Bad End

25th June 2010 | 3 Comments

All good things never come to a bad end – all good things always come to a good end. It is you who create all the obstacles. I agree with Donato that it is we who create the obstacles, but the only real obstacle we create is the craving for good things or the aversion [...]