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1986-Oct.: ML Accused of Charging to Heal AIDS

1st October 1986 | Closed

Morningland sect accused of charging to “heal” AIDS By Larry Keller Staff writer, Long Beach Press Telegram A Long Beach man says he gave the Morningland religious sect nearly $700 over a span of 2.5 months earlier this year in order to be healed of AIDS. Since then he condition has worsened, said the man, [...]

1984-Mar.: Court Turns Over Decision v. ML Attny.

1st March 1984 | Closed

Appellate court overturns theft charge against cult attorney Edward Masry A four-year-old theft charge against Morningland cult attorney Edward Masry must be thrown out because he was denied a speedy trial, a state appellate court ruled yesterday. The 4th District Court of Appeal ordered Superior Court Judge F.V. Lopardo to dismiss the charge, which alleges [...]

1984-Feb.: Ca. Pursues Morningland Leader

1st February 1984 | Closed

State to pursue charges against cult leader Prosecutors will pursue four-year-old bribery conspiracy charges against a Morningland cult leader in light of an appellate ruling this week that allows the state Attorney General’s Office to attack a judge’s dismissal of the charges. Deputy Attorney General John Gordnier said yesterday he was happy with the ruling [...]

1983-Dec.: Morningland Conspiracies

1st December 1983 | Closed

Franchetti says he sued to bare plot; $1 million slander suit against Dymally is linked to alleged Masry conspiracy SACRAMENTO — State Finance Director Michael Franchetti says he filed a $1 million slander suit against Rep. Mervyn Dymally in part to uncover a possible “conspiracy” to help an associate of the congressman evade conviction on [...]

1980-Apr.: Bribe Charge

1st April 1980 | Closed

Dymally’s Attorney Indicted Here Bribe Charge – April 4, 1980 San Diego Union By Jon Standefer And Ken Hudson

1980-Apr.: ML Leader Enters Innocent Plea

1st April 1980 | Closed

Morningland Leader Enters Innocent Plea April 10, 1980 San Diego Union San Diego Union Staff Dispatches VISTA – A Los Angeles attorney and a leader of the Morningland religious group pleaded innocent yesterday to a charge of misusing the group’s money for private purposes. Attorney Edward L. Masry and religious leader Sri Patricia won a [...]

1980-Apr.: Bribe Charge

1st April 1980 | Closed

Dymally’s attorney, cultist indicted here Bribe Charge – April 4, 1980, San Diego Evening Tribune By Joe Hughes Tribune Staff Writer The San Diego County grand jury has indicted former Lt. Gov. Mervyn Dymally’s attorney and a religious cult leader on charges they conspired to solicit and pay a bribe to Dymally when he was [...]

1979-May: Cult at Ctr of Church-State Controversy

1st May 1979 | Closed

Esoteric Cult at Center of Church-State Controversy LOS ANGELES TIMES MAY 6, 1979 Morningland Leaders Deny Alleged Dymally Bribe By Russell Chandler, Times Religion Writer Candles flickered in front of framed photos of Donato, the “ascended master” and founder of Morningland Church of the Ascended Christ. The heavy fragrance of incense filled the small room [...]

1978-May: Cult Says Members Harassed

1st May 1978 | Closed

Cult Says Members Harassed – May 5, 1978 By Jim Molnar, T-A Staff Writer “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercises thereof. ” “Our people have been harassed,” Mahanta said Thursday from the Morningland office. “The children in school. The other children won’t go near them, harass [...]

1978-May: Sect Has Its Roots in Star Trek, Occult

1st May 1978 | Closed

Sect Has Its Roots in Star Trek, Occult By Robert J. Gore, Times Staff Writer LONG BEACH- Morningland greets you with a smile, a pretty face and pleasant pastel surroundings after you get through the front door, which is locked. Morningland is a Long Beach-based religious organization. And visitors to its headquarters receive an explanation [...]