At one point, we decided as a group (of exers) to write down all the teachings that we could remember.

What we ended up with was really more like class notes. Of course, anything said by the gopis in class, who were one-with-Donato, could be accepted as pretty much the voice of God. So, we scribbled them down, trying to get every word right so as to keep any inter-dimensional meanings intact.

Because of the presumed depth of meaning that was too deep for most to appreciate, we were taught never to question the teachings. Fortunately, in the information age, we get to question the teachings or modify them as we evolve.

Even Donato weighted in on this when he said: IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE, YOU CAN DO IT TOO AND DO IT BETTER. So at one point, we really need to look at these teachings to separate what supports from what undermines one’s spiritual growth. Naturally, what supports or undermines will vary from individual to individual. Commenting is open to everyone.

Of course, those who are currently in Morningland are not commenting on these pages. They are not encouraged to read this site (no doubt discouraged). The usual feedback we get through our sources is that this site is thought of simply as “lies, lies, and more lies.” Quite a simplistic criticism, but my point is that the “the wisdom of crowds” would be better served if those who are “in” could come and comment too. Their input is completely valid here, though they may be challenged to defend what they write especially when limited to statements such as “lies, lies, and more lies.”

Sri warned against individual disciples going off to start up their own book of teachings such as is found in the New Testament’s Gospels. In the Morningland production (1982) of Jesus Christ Superstar, the gospels were lampooned as glory-seeking disciples slamming their own gospels against their forehead with each step during the song The Last Supper.

The problem with keeping the teachings verbatim as they were first delivered is that language evolves. Donato’s use of hippy-speak isn’t always understandable anymore. For instance, young people don’t know that when Donato talks about “where you’re at“, he is talking about a psychological place, not a physical location.

I will personally be commenting on those teachings that seem contrary or complimentary with what I consider oneness. The commenting box will remain open to anybody who would like to chime in with how a particular teaching helped you, or didn’t, or anything on-topic. As usual, hateful rants will not be published. Disagreeing with Sunfleur is fine, though.


  • The original document that we created for all the teachings was created in ALL-CAPS which is considered yelling in online text. However, I’m going to leave them as all-caps to provide a visual clue as to the text that we’re calling a teaching.

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  • Does anyone have the books?

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  • There are still quite a few books floating around. Is there one in particular you need? I have a bunch of the and could look something up for you, but I’m not a library. :)

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