1998: The First Gathering (page Deux)

Sylvia/Vaa, Tom/Balmain

Ann / Amala

OK, it’s been months since I got on the list. When Brent first told me to check it out I was hesitant. I hadn’t had contact with anyone (other than a passing glimse or fast hello) in 14 years. It had taken me a long time to come to terms with what happened both during and post ML. While I longed to reconnect to the many people I loved, I didn’t want to risk re-experiencing the pain.

Reading the posts has been like watching what was happening in the temple, only this time people are talking about the experiences. It’s been difficult to hear the pain expressed on this list. It is real, as each person’s experience is real. I stopped accepting only one view point and denying all other possibilities when I left ML.

I do feel that this list is a path to healing. The Gathering was definitely a major step. Thanks, Brent, for convincing me to come & see for myself.

As I reunited with people and watched others do the same, I remembered why I stayed so long during the “bad times”. It was the love I felt for for those I was with. The movies, I reminded me of a loving, light, and devoted time. Later I was willing to put up with the manipulation and fear just to be those I loved. (a little S&M, heavy on the M)

During the earlier years there had been the teachings, which like others have said, were a combination of many previous teachers’ truths. This attracted me initially. This was before Donato’s death. Yes, Telia, I agree that this was a time of much more good than bad. Even though I wasn’t a disciple then. It took me over a year to ask – it hasn’t taken me that long to post – maybe I have a committment phobia. :)

I just want to say how grateful I am for The Gathering. Thank you Brent, L., Dorie, Al & Joern for all that you did to make it happen. Thanks to all that were able to be there. As I said, I once again experienced the love. This allows me to break the silence. I am willing to listen and respond to the experiences – both joyful and painful.

With love

Ann … Amala

Cherie/Peace, June/Sivani, Mary/Yon Traya

Steve M.

I want to thank Dorie, L., Brent, and all the others who helped make the gathering such a success. It was also great to be able to share with the group what the current ML is like.

I must say that I was struck deeply by one thing in particular; as I watched the movies, it became clear to me that the ML of those days bears no resemblance whatsoever to the current one. In fact, the contrast between then and now is so stark that it defies description. I have been trying to think of words to describe it, but it would take up too much space (and reading time). To put it simply, I experienced a completely different Morningland that you-all did.

During one of the movies, Dorie leaned over and asked: “Can you see how we thought it was such a cool place, etc…?” Yes, Dorie, I certainly can. The Morningland you folks experienced was a different one than the one I experienced. It is as though we are describing two different places. To look at the bright side of it (and ignore the insidious side for a brief second), I found myself almost wishing I were there, to share in all the positive experiences you must have had together. Now I can see a lot about what the past had to offer, and why the influence of Dan and Patricia was so powerful back then.

Now, to the present: In one post, I remember reading that someone said ML was similar to a “doomsday cult” and that Patricia and her followers were capable of such a thing. I can tell you this: There are indeed those of her followers who would do anything she said, but I can also tell you without a doubt that she is becoming weaker and weaker. She no longer has the energy to put into her charismatic manipulation of people, and that is one reason the current group is so small compared to the “old days.” She is also (or at least has been recently) quite ill, and stays cloistered in her quarters nearly all the time. Rarely does she come out to make a “public” appearance. Nearly everything is run by her three “direct representatives” (Chokru, Saravati and Kamazi).

I don’t wish illness onto anyone (we really ARE, after all, ONE), but I must say that I am relieved to see that her power and influence appear to be waning and are limited to a relatively small group. People like her can be incredibly dangerous, especially to those who tend to be gullible, trusting and naive. She does, after all, have esoteric knowledge and powers that she uses on people.

My main curiosity now is just what will happen over there when she does finally die?

Anyway, enough for now. Thanks again for everything. Until later,

In Love and Light,

Steve M.

Josie/Prema Kali, Joern/Ra-Camah-Nesh, Al/Ishvara Das

Michael Benson

Dorie, Steve R., Al, Brent, and Joern: Thank you all so much for this list and for the gathering.

Everyone: Thank you for fighting, sharing, testing, and agreeing with me. It has been a wonderful experience. I want to keep in touch with as many of you as possible, and I want to go to all the future gatherings we may have.

L., Steve R., Silent One, and Ann from Oregon, you especially I thank. Let’s keep in touch, okay?



Brent/Karas, Michael

Leslie / Tralamar

Dear Dorie and others,

Great event. Thank you Dorie, Brent, L., Bjorn and others for all the effort, and for doing it despite any flack you had to take from detractors. The fact is that the gathering in and of itself was healing — putting some of the pieces together of what happened to each person and how they felt, helping each other to process what happened by just being people with one another. Seeing how extraordinary a group we were/are, it made it even clearer to me that Morningland WAS us, and that’s why we were there — it created a gathering space for many extraordinary people. We made Morningland, and we grew because of each other and our own hard work and seeking and often in spite of the disrepectful, arrogant, hurtful and elitist ridiculousness that came our way. Congratulations to all of us for taking what we learned from the experience and going on to put our energy into loving work and service that really does make a difference in the the world by enriching the lives of our families and others with whom we come in contact.

In peace,


Catherine/Kalon, Ronica/Thian Amee, Leslie/Tralamar, Jodie/Vasha Deva