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G2 images and stuff

Brent directing the group. “Okay, one more time with FEELING!”
Al responds, “no, YOU do it one more time with feeling!”


Asha…..it was a such a joy meeting you, too!! There are few events in my life which I can look back on say “that really made a difference in my life and I will never be the same….” and attending G2 II was without a doubt one of them. My only regret is that I did not have time to talk to everyone, specifically those that entered after ML after my departure….so much catching up to do and not enough time in a few short hours!! I look forward to developing and enjoying new friendships and connections now with all of you, and re-connecting with those who I lost all those post ML years. I love you all and I’m still and on cloud nine (this is a good thing)….

My skin is still all tingly from seeing you all and hugging you all yesterday. You are all so sweet and special and wonderful….which is what attracted me to ML in the first place, dammit…..it was YOU GUYS!!!! So glad that you are all well and healthy and happy and outta ML. Please keep in touch with me and I will do the same. I’m still in Long Beach so if ANY of you are ever nearby or want to visit the temple (KIDDING!!!) give me a ring.

Lots of love to all……xxxooo Debbie (still smiling)



I’m sure there will be others that can do a most wonderful ‘wrapup’ of the event lastnight, than me, but it was wonderful. A bit over 30 people attended. Debbie/Mila, who you know just recently connected with us on the list, had to sit down once she got to the gathering. She was initially blown away by the fact that, so many, were assembled.

In fact, we had to drag her away from the event, (tease tease) :). The place was very accomodating, we had a big kitchen and dining area, ya know how people like to hang in those spots. entry lounge, hallway to the big room. The front tables had ML memorabelia photo albums, Brents ‘As it is’ kinda stuff. Camera’s everywhere, so great shots should be available.

Oh, Lucy had made arrangements to have a phone line extended out from the ‘office’ that was locked. Dorie hooked up the computer, dialed her provider, and we keep getting this message- “you must first put a coin in before you dial”. Sheesh, what a jipper. The phone line was dedicated for pay phone. Of course, no one had a phone to hook up to the line to make a call,either. There went the Online idea. Sorry guys, you were diffently missed…

About half stayed to the end. We started cleaning about 10:30pm, everyone was gone at around 11:30pm. You would have thought, that the way everyone cooperated during the cleaning of this place that we were still in ML….LOL!!! The evening and event was informal. It was a bit much for some, just to stand in a circle, holding hands and speaking to what was up. We managed to squeeze out about a minute of group “OM” and that was about all we could muster of anything formal. I know many, whom would have loved to have a ‘Talking Circle’ process, however, this might have to happen either before the main gathering event or after, next time.



Cherie workin’ it and Sharon workin’ with it.



I couldn’t say it any better than Penny and you…

It was truly a pleasure seeing each and everyone that I ran into…and meeting those of you who came before me and gave me an even better view of Morningland before I arrived …..All I can say, is thanks to each and everyone of you for the great out pouring of love that we all shared in together yesterday….If anything heals my soul that is it.

I also want to thank Lucy for putting it all together, your dedication to putting this all together was inspiring…thank you so very, very much.

Peace and Love to you all,


Robin hugging the photographer

Robin/Rana Lei

Hi Everyone,

I am so glad I went – to meet those of you who I didn’t know back when to see again familiar faces, I feel like my heart is full of joy. Off and on today I have had little teardrops, but not of sadness, I don’t know I can even describe how I feel, to be able to connect once again. It was so good to see everyone. What a moving experience, to hear the band, the music to talk, cry, laugh, dance whatever. Thank you all !! I hope all travelers had a safe flight home, hope to hear from you soon.


Jofree, Cathy and Brent


Hi everyone :)

I want to thank everyone that helped make this happen. It was a good thing :)

It seems that I had some issues, internal issues, that I had to come to terms with before I could be with everyone. Maybe I’ve come to a point in my where I’m ready to forgive myself for the help I gave in hurting those I loved?

I’m talking about the clearing sessions of 84′, and my role in them as a harijan. I didn’t know the guilt I carried with me over this until I made the choice to attend the gathering.

I think being able to talk with Steve (Mon-Ra-Sone), that I got to release my guilt. He and I spoke a bit about the night that everyone was split into the two groups. In talking with Steve I could see parts of myself that I have closed off for all these years.

It’s tough, knowing some of the things I chose to do while in ML. The role that I played in some of your most painful days. Hard thing to live with all these years.

I knew that I had to give all that up if I was going to attend the gathering. I had to give up my guilt. Still, I half expected to find some that were still angry at me. Only to find that I was the only one that had any resentment for my actions back then.

What a joy it was to be around those that I had loved so deeply. Unknown to most of you, I had orders my last couple of years there that didn’t allow me to be around most of you. How I missed each of you.

The gathering gave me the chance to overcome my guilt. To be able to hold some of you again. Know that I loved each of you so much that I’ve never forgotten you. I gave myself a chance to make right an aspect of myself that has been askew for all these years. To be able to hold some of you again has given relief to my soul.

Thanks for listening,

Joffre….aka chor-anon

Rhoda and Melody