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Penny steps on Debbie’s foot.


Once upon a time in a bustling seaside village, a rag-tag band of soul survivors gathered to dance and sing and hug one another mightily in recognition and joy. This tale is true, for I was there that sunny day of yesteryear. Oh wait, it was yesterday. How time flies when you’ve consumed 6 Diet Cokes and half a cup of coffee.

I THINK a good time was had by all, but I was way buzzed on caffeine and just a TINY bit chatty.

So here’s my G-2 Experience:

I flew into Orange County airport and, after no one rushed up to me and squealed and hugged me into a premature state of wakefulness (it was only noon, why rush things?), I trundled out to the curb, just then discovering the fundamental flaw in the agreement Dorie and I made. We had the time, we had the airport, we had the flight. We neglected to agree on the LOCATION of the pickup. Nonetheless, a bright, golden Leo swathed in vivid tie-dye arrived on his white charger (actually in Gina’s BMW) to fetch me. Therein ensued much hugging and smooching and squealing (Gina and I, not Jim!).

Navigating strategically on surface streets, we arrived at the Seafarer’s Masonic Lodge. I heard rustling behind the door but had not yet attained peak alertness so the disturbance rapidly squiggled out of my attention. Having organized ourselves suitably, we approached the building. Ever the pioneering Aquarian, I went first. Opened the door and was assaulted simultaneously by the juicy energies of Lucy, Steve and Terry, the smell of incense, and an assault of BUBBLES! OMIGOD! They Bubbled Me! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

That set my attitude for the day! It was all sideways from that point on. More and more and more people arrived. Chatting began. Small groups formed and reformed. People and energies ebbed and flowed from one space to another. There was much happiness and a liberal dose of chortling.

About 5:14 (or so the clock said) we bobbed our way in our streamofconsciousness-like-way into the main room and formed a large circle. Quite a big of discomfort at this quasi-familiar activity was dispelled by the cracking of rude jokes, laughter, giggling. Some people talked and said a few things. Some were waiting for the circle thing to start, but from my point of view, it was a pretty fun deal standing in the circle with people connecting in a human, very real way, holding hands and just enjoying being together. I looked around the circle and saw the authentically smiling faces of people just being who they were and found that extremely pleasurable. I so enjoyed standing there with no expectation of having to do anything, be anything, say anything, perform any role, behave in any way. Just to stand there with some nice people and listen to what they had to say. It was nice. Some people shared some thoughts they had about the group or the Gathering, others just said something light. People spoke randomly and it all came out as one big conversation, not a heavy-duty “share.”

About this time Lee walked in the door and received a standing ovation. Oh wait. We already were standing. nonetheless, there was great applause and cheering. He entered the circle which only gave Terry an excuse to misbehave, so we had to separate them. Sheesh!

Then someone resembling the Great Satan suggested we chant and that provoked a few reactions, but then I looked again at that person and it was just Dorie talking and she suggested we make a sound – any sound – and do it with the intent of initiating healing within the circle and the people in it, and extending out to those not with us at the moment. I liked that idea a lot and other must have too, for someone began a moaning sort of noise which Thank God quickly transformed into Aum-ing, and then it wasn’t a chanting Aum but rather some pretty, pretty music. It really sounded pretty. And it stopped. Bummer! The WORST part about that was that just 3 aums undid the buzz I’d carefully crafted up to that point, so was off in search of more Diet Coke.

I must have blacked out, cause the next thing I remember, I was in a buffet line piling a plate high with CUTE little sandwiches made out of round whole wheat rolls, and salad and fresh veggies. Mass consumption ensued, with more fluid movement of people and thoughts and stories. The boys played some music and people continued to weave past and present as they ambled about the building, watched Brent’s videos, looked at photo albums brought by several people, poked through healing testimonial books or As It Is magazines. There were periodic outbursts of photography, and at some point in the evening we clustered for a group photograph.

When everyone felt done, they just began to clean up the place. The tidy-up energy was most compelling, and soon everyone found a way to contribute and in very short order the place was restored to the condition it was before we showed up. Then we hit the lights and closed the door, hug and waved and drove off into the muggy Orange County night.

The attendees varied between long-time members of the List, and others who were a bit goosey about the whole thing. It was utterly informal and casual and pretty kewl overall.

I would like to thank Lucy for taking the lead on this, finding a great place to gather, and creating a structure that was not a structure which allowed the event to develop organically around the people there. Lucy, you did a great job. A lot of work and effort went into this and it all looked so effortless. You made it easy for me to have a wonderful, playful day — which is what I wanted to do. I am sure others had a different experience. The environment was so malleable that anyone could have created out of it the experience they wanted. So I raise a baby rose in tribute to Lucy — for all you do, this bud’s for you!



Steve pointing to perceived origination of all-pervading divinity.


I’ve spent most of my life being there for others, but not because I wanted to, rather because I not only know how to, but was paid for it or it was a part of what was required to me. These past few weeks it’s been because I want to and because I know how, and because I am learning how to better listen and hear.

A million people could listen to our stories of our ML past, but would they ever hear it? Can they? I don’t think so. Some might be able to fathom it from similar pasts, maybe cult experiences of their own, but if they were not there, hearing might be difficult if not impossible. I listen, and I hear. I’ve been noticing this lately…

I wanted to be there for Rhoda. She has scars from situations that not many can understand. I do understand. All she needs is for those who can understand is to be there for her to listen and hear, so she can sort it out, get some focus, and then move on. Rhoda – you’re a powerful woman, find your power. I think now you can see it and go for it. Reclaim you. And if you think I can help you in finding your focus just ask. I’m right here. It was a joy having you stay at my home. :)

Asha stayed with me too. I don’t know if anyone else knows Asha, or has spent time to watch how she moves, see how she thinks, how her strength is so apparent in her life. She reminds me so much of myself – certain of her gifts and standing in the power of trusting her gifts. What a pleasure to meet someone like her – so very rare. btw – Mike says hello to both of you. :) He really enjoyed your company (all be it short).

But back to G2… I had a duty, and that was to serve. I am good at service. Probably all of us are. Maybe the love of service was one of the key ingredients that kept us together, what we enjoy in each other so much. Pulling off an event like this – that’s a manifestation of the love of service. And Lucy took on the challenge. And we all assisted in whatever way we could. Putting it together those few hours prior, and returning it to the Masonic lodge again that short period after. Hah! That’s work? Not. But a lot of magic went on behind the scenes before any of you even arrived through those front doors. :) I got to assist. :)

And Melody / Lepon. My shoeless wonder. :) I think I’m in love all over again. :) OH! I forgot to reimburse you for your gift of a pack of ciggies to Marcus / Seroth. Somehow someday you’ll get your reward from me. :) Can I please see you again? I know you’re far away, but I do a lot of travel, and I think I need to hear your compassionate laughter more often. You are SUCH a joy! I’m going to Florida in September I think. Can I visit?

I could go on and on and name each moment with each person that happened that evening. So much transpired that I can’t even place words to. I won’t even try. All I know is I wouldn’t trade a single moment from my past, no matter how painful it might have seemed, for a more painless past. It’s all brought me to this place now. And I feel fulfilled.

And Lucy – you did such good work helping to bring the Tamietti’s together. Let’s see where this leads. I don’t know if anyone knows how diligent you worked to intend that to happen. *I* know. :)

So the phone line to give us live internet access didn’t work out. That was a bummer – but maybe it was meant to be. Who knows. I sure don’t. We were all so wrapped up in each others presences that merely taking photos was at times a chore! Excuse me, I’m busy! lol YOU take the pics if you want them so bad!

And then there was the lone non-ML woman, Bill Dumas’ lady, I can’t remember her name. WHAT a GEM! Billy – tell her we really loved her little touches. She was very cool. :) And by the way Bill, you two are very cute together. :) Then again – I have no idea if you’re even a couple, but you could see you were such friends!

So yes, it seems a good time was had by all. However, when I was standing with Catherine / Kalon and Debbie / Mila Monster, I couldn’t help but feel a twang of sadness that our fourth-spoke of the wheel, Anne / Avi-On wasn’t there. We were womb mates for chrissake! :) So, yah, honestly? I missed Anne. I tried my best, I’ve sent her a letter full of intent – some day maybe we’ll resolve our history together, much like we all touched on the other night.

Funniest story: Anelea/SaViKa (Agni’s sister) telling a story where she went to a ML garage sale, walked up to Gopi Saravat I think it was, and demanded a $15 refund for her medallion! Who of course said shit like “After ALL we’ve done for you? …”

LOL! God I love Angela. :) NEVER undersetimate her. :)

Anyone have a clue where we go from here? :) And to those of you who weren’t there – I sure missed you.

And yes Al, you are absolutely right. I am still gay. BWAHAHAHA!!!! You crack me up! My buddy. :) And to think we didn’t like each other once upon a time. LOL! What a hoax THAT was. :)

night all…

Mrs. Steve / evetS / fka Mon-Ra-Sone

Melody carrying a melody in her eyes.


Hi ya’ll

returned home last night and I see there’s a lot of reading to catch up on. Before I do wanted to say what a glorious time I had seeing you all. Don’t know that even yet I can put it all into words. Needless to say I don’t think my feet touched ground all day Saturday. Thank you, thank you to all who made this possible and all who were there. Been quite a while since I’ve experienced such overwhelming joy. Thanks!



Michael, Melissa and Gina writhing to the oldies.


I really enjoyed the “Gathering II.” It was nice to meet and connect!

The last gathering seemed different to me….structured. This time I was able to be more involved, remember people better and others me.

I heard a few stories of how I was a little terror, bossy and in my own world. That’s all true! I haven’t changed much except that, well, first of all I am older. 31. I was just a wild kid in Morningland…pretty much a loner…especially from my parents…I know that’s what hurt me the most in Morningland…

My mom & dad joined and they were not around much…”Sorry” told me at the gathering I used to call her often, scared of being alone…I didn’t know I had shared that fear with anyone..but it was true. A few “normal kid accident” things happened and I remember having to track down my parents, dad mostly, to help me. Of course, he doesn’t remember this, but I do.

Mostly, it was alot of fun…I was a free roaming child…ate alot of food…played with kids…listened to music. I had a great time!

I remember the day of Donato’s funeral…everyone was crying…I tried to make myself cry…but I couldn’t. I really liked him…he was a good spirit! Too bad everything got so screwed up.

At the “Gathering” there was a point where I was laying on the couch, alone, resting, listening to the music & the people talking in groups all around the building…that’s when I made the connection! That was Morningland to me!

One other thing, the thing that Dorie “Pathina” & I have is still to be discovered. I was always drawn to her as a child, through my using & abusing years and now on another level as an adult. Sometimes I feel closer to her than anyone, anywhere….If this is all I get from Morningland…meeting Dorie…I am overpaid!

Thanks for listening!


Billy D. Does this guy EVER take a bad picture?


Spending saturday with you guys was great! But I had forgotten something very important about you.

During the course of spending time with you (plurally) I found several times during the day a short spot where something uncomfortable would come up, either from the person I was talking to or from myself. In talking it out with that person I found that stuff that I had forgotten way back had come to the surface and once there Saturday I was able to get rid of it. I had truly forgotten how special it is to talk with you. You are not only friends and family but individuals with an ability to listen and by doing so help clear out the yucky stuff that has been supressed for so long. What a relief it was to finally dump baggage I have carried around for all these years.

Needless to mention to those who, whether willingly or by duress participated in the circle thing, the vibration, energy and whatever is the word for that razzamattaz was awesome! I just wish we would have spent another five minutes at it. ;)

Anyway thank each and every one of you for a very fun Saturday!

Love,Tony aka Gi-O-Numa

Angela and Robin mulling it all over.


I wanted to add my voice to others that attended the Gathering last Saturday. I’m just now getting my second wind and sorting out all that happened :) It was a very powerful get together for us all in so many ways.

‘You’re Welcome’ to everyone who has thanked me. While things may not have been perfect, I’m glad that everyone enjoyed themselves and it turned out alright in the end. As far as the money part, amazingly, I was fully reimbursed for what I spent. But, thanks to those of you who offered and did cover for others who could not afford to.

I got a phone call this evening from Cherie (Peace). Those of you who attended, remember that she spoke tearfully for a moment about how Morningland had torn apart and damaged her family. It has been her wish and she’s been working to repair this for years, with our help. Her brother Doug (Firkon) and Barb (Divesei) were both there when she talked. They had flown in from Kansas and northern California. Also that Saturday morning, Roger, another brother who had never gone to ML, had flown in. Well, yesterday, Cherie had a barbeque at her home and Steve (Mahanta) was there. For the first time in 22 years, she was with all of her brothers and sister. It was awkward, at first, but everyone got over themselves and a wound that was created so long ago was healed.

Though all of us had varied experiences, we came together in Morningland so many years ago encountering the love we had for one another and our desire to create something greater than ourselves. We learned then, about the power of group intent and what could be accomplished. The harm that was perpetrated or that we inflicted on one another, impacted the group. In the same way, every single step each of us has taken to change, individually, has reverberated out to every person that has ever been to Morningland. I’ve seen this happen a hundred times in the past three years. I know this to be true. I know that we are connected. In the days to come, I’m sure we’ll experience more of this. I am extremely grateful and honored to have known all of you and to have had the opportunity to walk along this life’s path for a time together.