2002: Gathering, the Third (page 1)

Here they are!
The first batch of images from
Gathering, the Third!
October 19, 2002

Our hosts,
Craig/Khatru and Chris/Sriane
did an absolutely wonderful job of creating a space where we could all feel comfortable. No expense was spared as tiki torches lit the night!

Ray/Famen and Judy/Sari
arrive for an afternoon and evening of reconnections.

Lawrence/Natron and Jane/Triana
ponder who is drinking the coffee and who it is that notices that someone is drinking the coffee and who it is that typed that remark and who was kind enought to provide the coffee which was the only part of that question that we could answer. Thanks for the coffee, Lawrence.

Tom/Balmain and Ray/Famen
catch up on the banking and real estate industries, not that I was listening or anything ;) .