2002: Gathering, the Third (page 2)

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Gathering, the Third!
October 19th, 2002

Sylvia/Vaa and Joan/Ki-Line
enjoy a moment of catching up while blinking at the exact moment this picture was taken!

Lee/Aiyar Das, Steve/Mon-Ra-Sone, and Al/Ishvara Das
laugh hysterically at the suggestion that they’re actually Siamese triplets.

Laurel/Ganesha and Lee/Aiyar Das
pose before the artwork of

Melissa and Debi/Asa-Li
get close adding fuel to the rumors that they’re long-lost sisters.

(Left to right)
Craig/Khatru, Sharon/Viveka, Chris/Sriane, and Robin/Rana-Lei
share a light moment as the entire room suddenly becomes really really funny.