2004: GIV (4th Gathering Page 1)

GIV images and stuff

Photographs by Dorie / Pathena

dorie, kali, gina

Dorie/Pathena, Karen/Kali, and Gina/Parama

Jane/Triana and Al/Ishvara Das

Jane/Triana and Al/Ishvara Das kickin’ it old school

whatever that means.

ken and wife

Ken in foreground, Ken’s wife in background.

Al/Ishvara Das (still kickin’ it old school), Laurel/Ganesha (wearing her Ganesha t-shirt), Stacy and Lee/Aiyer Das getting along just peachy.

Lucy/Zemikin partially in the shadows, Catherine/Kalon catching up with Steve/Mon-Ra-Sone.

That’s Mary Jo/Tia-Lon in the foreground and Jane/Triana sitting on the right.

A wide shot of the group at Long Beach’s Recreation Park gazebo.