2004: GIV (4th Gathering Page 2)

Photographs by Al / Ishvara Das

meeting of wise women

The meeting of wise women included (from left to right) Karen/Kali, Gina/Parama, Nesha, Dorie/Pathena, Laurel/Ganesha.

The Gang Mingling

The Gang Mingling (from left to right): Lee/Aiyer Das, Mary Jo/Tia Lon, Steve/Mon-Ra-Sone, David/Avata, Gina/Parama (front)


Ken gently bowing
with warm sunshine on his head
and ham in his bread.

More gang

More of The Gang (from left to right): Mary Jo/Tia Lon, Lucy/Zemikin, Catherine/Kalon, Steve/Mon-Ra-Sone, Jane/Triana

girls club

In-laws ‘n outlaws (from left to right): Dorie/Pathena, Karen/Kali, Gina/Parama

lee and the ladies

Lee groovin’ on the vibes. Can you spot the other dude in the picture? From left to right: Debi/Asa-Li, Lee/Aiyer Das, Stacy (and on the phone, its Marcus/Seroth!)

damn glad to meet ya!

Karen/Kali, Gina/Parama and Anne/from Oregon are damned glad to meet ya!

tai chi with upside down water

David/Avata holding a water bottle upside down as if to say “I don’t notice that my water bottle’s upside down”.

say goodnight dick

Debi/Asa-Li gives up on finding a restroom. From left to right: Laurel/Ganesha, Lucy/Zimikin, Debi/Asa-Li, Dorie/Pathena, Steve/Mon-Ra-Sone