2007: Christmas @ Janes

Lee and Lawrence engaged in conversation

Lee (Aiyar Das) and Lawrence (Netron) warm up for an evening of wildly gesticulated conversation.

Jane and the bird

Jane (Triana) refusing to split open the bird’s legs per Al’s encouragement. Melissa smiles in the microwave reflection.

Melissa helping Jane cook

Melissa demonstrates her matzo ball rolling technique.

Mary Jo

Mary Jo (Tia Lon) can name that tune!

Lee and Mary Jo

Lee and Mary Jo awaiting something funny to do or say.

Brenda, Mary Jo, Bill, Melissa, Lawrence

Brenda, Mary Jo, Bill, Melissa (#2) and Lawrence.

Al and Melissa

Al (Ishvara Das) demonstrates his own holiday tradition while Melissa does her best to honor his strange ways.

Melissa by the fireplace

Melissa’s fireside talk.

Mary Jo

Mary Jo and her stunning new “do”.


Lawrence just being.