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Since July, 1997, this web site has been the focal point of an amazing journey. That journey continues to this day and includes this magical moment when you, our soul brother or sister, sit quietly in front of a computer screen, experiencing the multitude of feelings and questions that accompany finding your fellow Morningland survivors.

We are a cyber-community. We seek to share our stories and information with the goal of helping ourselves and others to heal, to reconnect with long lost friends and to come to a greater understanding of that special time in our lives when we walked beside each other.

Sometimes there is fear and trepidation about this reconnection process. Some of us have written our stories included here, to help you through the process of hurdling fear if it is a barrier for you. We have experienced amazing joy, healing and love by talking with each other once again – sometimes after a 20-year silence.

Some people on our mailing list had never talked to anyone about their Morningland experience until they found this web site. Others felt that they were betraying their ‘orders’ not to talk to any other ex-disciples. Still others were simply overjoyed at the discovery that many of us still are breathing and seeking that connection with each other. Some were still awaiting their call back to the temple.

Whatever your situation, it is our hope that you will linger here a while. Stroll through our stories and read our thoughts, experiences and feelings posted here. We invite you to participate in a private mailing list of ex-Morninglanders – and to write to anyone personally whose email addresses you will find on this web site. We are interested in sharing information, answering questions, offering understanding, learning your story, and helping you to find those special people you may have left behind long ago. Our contact list is over 150 ex-members at this time. And it continues to grow as each person brings their unique piece to this amazing puzzle.

Your story is important to us as is our desire to extend ourselves in spiritual camaraderie, with respect for whatever path you may currently walk. Most of us have found that few people in our lives can understand the dynamics of our Morningland experience – except for those who walked in and out through the same doors as we.

Peace and Welcome – We’ve missed you!


(fka Pathena – 1973-78)

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