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Universal Mind Science church

If Donato really is the second coming, then Damien, the founder of the Universal Mind Science church is John the Baptist. Patricia and Donato were members of this church and the early days of Morningland reflected this fact.

If you have the chance to visit the UMS church, you’ll absolutely recognize the early days of Morningland in their aesthetic and wide net they cast in terms of spiritual traditions that are embraced.

Good people, still humbly doing their thing in the heart of Long Beach, just blocks from Morningland.

Holy Spirit Fellowship

Located in North Long Beach, Holy Spirit Fellowship is a congregation of predominantly gay & lesbian folk, but welcoming of all who desire a “safe” place to learn and grow in an environment that encourages diversity of thought and experience.

Pastor Duane Moret, the founder, was a supporter of Morningland in the early 70′s when it was beginning and played the organ for Pat & Danny Sperato when it was still occupying only a couple of the storefronts. Pastor Duane blends the metaphysical and Christian perspectives into a unique experience of Oneness with the “I Am” presence.

Drinda “Akasha” Pennini’s Manifesting Power

Disciple Akasha ended up in Copperopolis, but she’s still connected.

Groups that resemble Morningland

Global Community Communications Alliance

Just TRY and Tell the Difference, they look just like us! I guess they don’t like being linked from this page, and so they’ve set up a server behavior that prevents one from accessing their website if the link comes from this page. So, just copy and paste the following into your browser’s URL address field and you can get there: http://gccalliance.org

Check out the image of the group if you can find it. I could swear that’s us. Based on the quality of the image, I’m assuming that it was a digital image from the very beginning, so they’re obviously living the Aquarian dream in the present day.

The Raelian movement

We come in peace (again apparently). I get such a kick out of seeing Morningland concepts showing up elsewhere, in other groups. In the opening flash animation (as of 11/16/04) the creation story is depicted. In it, a spaceship visits planet earth dispensing its payload. In the animation, the payload it drops onto the planet is the Christian cross, the Islamic moon and star, the Taoist yin/yang symbol and the Jewish Star of David. We come in peace, again apparently.

The Aetherius Society

Donato said that “Upstairs will work with whomever will work with upstairs.” This seems to be an example of this. Check out their logo, complete with an Om and pyramid.

I Was

This website describes the “The I AM Activity” religious movement, started by Guy and Edna Ballard in the 1930′s. It continues on even today as the “Saint Germain Foundation”. This page is mostly informational.

Share International

One of the most uncomfortable items I ever read, while still on sabbatical from Morningland was information from Share International. This group uses identical spiritual rhetoric as Morningland, at least the Morningland of the mid 80′s. How could Donato be the world teacher if this Maitreya is? It just didn’t make any sense.

The Summit Lighthouse

The more I read about founders Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, the more I think about Daniel and Patricia Sperato. If there is another organization that inspired the creation of Morningland, this is it. You may recognize a great deal of the art work of the ascended masters used on Morningland alters way back when. Now you know where they came from.

Jennifer Lee Reports

Gosh, I’m not really sure how to explain Jennifer Lee’s writings. She uses a lot of the spiritual hierarchy terms that Sri used. That’s how I got here, searching for the term “Nebedon”. Her words seem to span in-the-clouds legislation to the evolution of mankind to conspiracy theories and well, it defies description.

Anti-Cult Resources

Factnet.org Morningland Forums

Looks like a place for current Morningland members to speak out in a forum other than a site that favors the contrary view (i.e. this one)

Eight Marks of Mind-Control Cult

These are good things to look at, but don’t be afraid to see how mainstream religion also fits into these eight marks. “Mind-Control Cult” is a heavily negative weighted term. How about showing how man is a social animal that evolved in tribes that had specific social behavior rules and that we still have that need, to seek out the acceptance of the group by adopting their rules?


reFOCUS a support network for former members of cults and/or other high demand/high control situations.

Got a site to suggest?

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