Most of the exer pictures are found under the category of “Gatherings“.

Here are a few more:

Steve/Eon Tabor visits Beirut, 2005


Marcus/Seroth and his cigarette

Copatos/Matt and his Fish and his pets…

Roseanna/Riamati her photography and her photo

Anne from Oregon and a Tiger from India

Varante/Steve, Sriane/Chris, and Khatru/Craig in 1980, give or take.

Diravon and Dog

Soo Lian/Noel

Lot’s more private pictures here, to view these images you must be subscribed to our mailing list. These are pictures of Morninglanders and Morningland related stuff (i.e. pictures of alters) that include images of individuals who haven’t given us permission to post their faces on publicly viewable website, so it is for private use of our mailing list only.

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